Church's Anti-Medication Stance Sparks Opposition

Source: Pioneer Press / Clarendon Hills Doings
Date: August 12, 2008

by Rob Siebert

Eric Szulczewski stance against Scientology is very personal.

Szulczewski has type two bipolar disorder, a condition characterized by severe depression and, in some cases, manic episodes.

After dealing with the condition for 30 years, psychiatric medication has brought Szulczewski relief. But the Church of Scientology opposes prescription medication.

"Psychiatric drugs have given a lot of people peace of mind," he said. "But Scientologists think that they're poisons and that they should be banned."

The Church of Scientology's official Web site states that in today's world, pills have become "the answer to any problem -- depression, anxiety or simply a child's inability to sit still in a classroom."

The site also says that prescription drug use stems from "a larger spiritual problem in life which the individual is unable or unwilling to cope with" and that such problems can be permanently resolved through Scientology.

Szulczewski said the church puts its members in danger by opposing the medications they may need, including basic painkillers.

"If you take an Advil, you have to confess it," Szulczewski said.