Polish Scientologists Ordered to Remove Tents

Date: May 12, 2006

On May 12, 2006 "Maquis" posted:

Newsweek, again, writes that the widely hailed inauguration of the scientology sect in Poland had a false start. No sooner had they played Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" when the Warsaw city guards ordered the scientologists to remove their three yellow tents put up in the city centre.

The order came from the city authorities, who were worried by press reports of scientology, regarded as a dangerous sect in many countries. Its representatives had to hastily rent a room in a nearby hotel to continue the inauguration event. But despite energetic campaigning conducted by scientology volunteers in the streets, only several dozen people were interested enough to attend it. "

The radicalism test

Poland's reforming government and its discontents; the 'exotic trio' who are in the top three positions in the new coalition government; Polish doctors hit the bottle; and Scientologists in Warsaw are just some of the stories in this week's current affairs magazines. "

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