20-Year-Old Gives Narconon $10,000 Check

Source: Los Angeles Times
Date: October 14, 1986

A 20-year-old man who said his housecleaning business has made him a millionaire presented a $10,000 check Monday to Narconon, a Los Angeles drug rehabilitation program.

Barry Minkow, owner of ZZZZ Best Inc., said the money will be used to help rehabilitate drug users who otherwise could not afford treatment.

"I make things happen," said Minkow, who started his Reseda-based company while he was in the 10th grade at Cleveland High School and "too young to open a bank account."

Minkow said he has ordered all 330 people employed by his company to take drug tests. Several workers, including a manager and a member of his board of directors, resigned, saying the test violated constitutional rights, he said.

Narconon, a 20-year-old anti-drug abuse program, is based in part on the teachings of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, said spokeswoman Patty O'Neill.

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