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October 4, 2007 Clearwater is Scientology's Mecca More than 30 years ago, L. Ron Hubbard secretly bought a historic hotel in this dying Florida downtown with a vision of making a spiritual home for his Church of Scientology. Today, locals and parishioners live in uneasy harmony. The mysterious newcomers made waves almost immediately with secretive, aggressive expansion and - according to church documents seized by the FBI - a covert plot to discredit their enemies and "take control" of the city. Clearwater, L. Ron Hubbard, Press, Stealth Scientology
October 4, 2007 Samoan Christians March Against Scientology

Hundreds of Christian believers in Samoa have marched in protest against the government's support of the Scientology religion. They marched to the front of the government building in Apia where Scientology tents have been put up as the main venue for its disaster training and seminars over the next two weeks. The protesters have called on the government to reconsider its stance to allow the Scientology members into the country as they would try to persuade many Christian believers to join the scientologists.

Press, Samoa, Scientology and Society
October 2, 2007 Russia: U.S. Report on Rights Challenged Russian authorities have hit back at the latest U.S. report on religious freedom. The report refers to a 2004 court decision banning Jehovah's Witnesses, a Christian group, and a court decision in St. Petersburg earlier this year to close down a Scientology centre for non-compliance with inspection and auditing requirements under the new NGO law. Press, Russia
January 25, 2007 Church Makes Matters Worse This editorial shames Scientologists for exploiting a recent tragedy in an effort to discredit the practice of psychiatry. Boston, MA, obstructing psychiatry, Press
January 19, 2007 Rethinking Rehab: Treatment for Prisoners Draws Fire Over Scientology Second Chance is one of the country's most unusual alternatives to the nation's prison systems, founded by Scientologist and former real-estate developer Rick Pendery. Even before it opened its doors to inmates last September, Second Chance and its unconventional methods had ignited a controversy in New Mexico's legal community. Judge Lang says he is "highly suspicious" of the program. "If it is connected to Scientology, just say so," he says. Second Chance officials and a spokeswoman for the Church of Scientology say there are no ties. Criminon, Press, taxes
January 12, 2007 Labour Given Thousands By Scientology Charity The Labour Party received thousands of pounds from an offshoot of Scientology, the Evening Standard reveals today. The decision to accept money from a charity linked to the controversial cult was taken at the highest level by members of the National Executive Committee. They allowed the charity, the Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE), to take a stall at the party's annual conference in Manchester. Criminon, England, Narconon, Press
January 9, 2007 Scientology Exhibit Won't Help The Mentally Ill The "Industry of Death" exhibit is sponsored by the Church of Scientology and makes a host of outrageous claims about the field of psychiatry. Regardless of its tax-exempt status, the Church of Scientology is more like a pyramid scheme than a church. Press, psychiatry
January 7, 2007 Drugs Charity is Front for 'Dangerous' Organisation Devotees of the Church of Scientology have gained access to thousands of British children through a charity that visits schools to lecture on the dangers of drugs. A Sunday Times investigation has found that Marlborough College is one of more than 500 schools across Britain where the charity has taught. Critics of the charity, Narconon, say it is a front to promote the teaching of Scientology - the controversial "religion" founded by L Ron Hubbard, the science fiction writer. Schools contacted last week said they knew nothing about the charity's links with Scientology. London, Narconon, Press
December 26, 2006 We're Not Loonies Many sociological studies have been done on the Scientologists that show that although this sect is not on the lunatic fringe, it still causes family breakups and emotional hardship to its victims. The German Government today is acting responsibly by trying to heighten awareness of a public menace. Press, space opera
December 24, 2006 Still On Church's Drawing Board This was to be a year of major expansion for the Church of Scientology in Tampa Bay and elsewhere in Florida. But the Plant City and St. Petersburg buildings sit empty. No other expansion occurred elsewhere. In Clearwater, Scientology's international spiritual headquarters, the church's massive Super Power building sat unfinished on the inside for the fourth straight year, which could cost the church tens of thousands in fines if it fails to stick to revised completion deadlines. Clearwater, Press

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May 12, 2006 Polish Scientologists Ordered to Remove Tents When Scientology erected tents in Warsaw's city center to attract new members, city officials ordered them taken down. Press
September 30, 1996 Patrice Vic Trial Begins - Scientology Executive Charged with Manslaughter Trial begins in the death of Patrice Vic. Scientology executive Jean-Jacques Mazier is charged with manslaughter, and 22 other Scientologists also face charges. crimes, deaths, France, Patrice Vic, Press