Cruise Tops Least Favourite Poll

Source: Hindustan Times
Date: December 11, 2006

Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise is trying his best to change his image but most Americans still consider him too strange and have voted him the least favourite star in a recent poll.

Only 12 percent of respondents said they would make a big effort to watch any of his movies and 34 percent said they would not see one at all. They were "creeped out" by his passion for Scientology, reports

Cruise's image had suffered initially for his couch-jumping episode on the "Oprah Winfrey Show". He now wants to be looked at as a loving husband and father.

Tom Hanks was rated as America's favourite actor and Reese Witherspoon as favourite actress.

And Mel Gibson was voted sixth-favourite actor. Despite his controversial anti-Semitic tirade when he was caught for drunk driving, 26 percent of those polled said they would make a special effort to watch any movie he appears in. But one percent said that they would avoid his movies.

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