Het Nieuwsblad: We Can Best Defend our Daughter

Source: Het Nieuwsblad
Date: November 15, 2005


On 29 December 2003, Scientologist Willem Van Rompay killed 23 year old Katrijn Borre, a girl he had met/dated for five times but she had enough and ended it. He went to her shop and shot her twice.

Willem gave lots of conflicting statements prior of what he had in mind when he drove to the shop. At one time it was to talk, at another time to shoot her and yet at another moment he went there thinking in a flash that perhaps he might would rape and kill her. Though during court appearance he said he would never have raped her.


Van Rompay and his family are members of the Church of Scientology and that aspect was touched upon frequently during the court appearance. The young man says he couldn't find help for his problems because that is not done in the Church of Scientology. Help needs to come from within and he hadn't any money for that. "My father had all ready paid 40.000 euro in bills for several [Scientology] treatments."

His father doesn't come visit him in jail. "As a Scientologist he believes in re-incarnation. If it depends on my father, I should commit suicide as soon as possible. He has let me know that in my next life he would welcome me with open arms.'

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