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From: Gregg 
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Subject: Toronto B.E. Picket: Assaults and Street Thuggery
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2000 23:18:06 -0400
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Toronto April 28, 2000.

B.E. JT Picket from 5 to 6 pm.

52 Division was notified  by me around 3:30 PM that we would be
picketing this event for one hour.

Picketers:  Dave Palter, Mike Argue, Deep Wog, Gregg Hagglund.

We did about 150 flyers most in the first few minutes.
Thereafter we each had an 'assigned' harasser.

the Reckless and Repugnant Mr. Ramsay was waiting for me and
physically attacked me  outside of Star Bucks. David Palter witnessed
the action from inside Star Bucks.

	Ramsay blocked my way and bumped into me. 
I tried to get around him. He was shouting he was "going to
be all over me today Child abuser" I was shouting he was crazy and
to leave me alone. He then tried to punch me in the stomach, which
I kind of dodged by turning sideways so the blow skipped off
my slight paunch. He then poked me in the mouth with his forefinger 
again shouting that 'He was going to be all over me'
I then eluded him long enough to get by him and head for the safety 
of Star Bucks. He caught up with me at the door and we grasped the 
handle at the same time opening the door. I tried
to slip thru' and he tried to push the door shut on me.

	Unfortunately at that time I had no recording equipment
on me.
	There were other witnesses, but they didn't want to get 
involved with testifying against a street wild man like Ramsay acted.

	Dave and I then went to my car and got our gear and
we returned to the sidewalk at  Star Bucks where I called  911
to report the incident. About 10 minutes had passed since the assault.
The police took my report on the phone. I told them I anticipated Mr.
Ramsay might attack me again at Chapters during the B.E Demo. [The
Police were to meet me at Chapters later but never showed.] However,
while I was on the cel phone Ramsay returned and heard me on the phone
with the cops. He then walked rapidly away, north on Yonge Street. I
gave his description to the Police. They may have caught up with him
but I don't know for sure. He did not show at the Chapters Event.
	I'll try to find out more tomorrow.

	The Picket was interesting. The Co$ acted like thugs on
the street. Blocking our path, dogging our heels. There was an attempt
at damaging one of Deep Wogs Cameras and the same thug broke one 
of my picket signs and tried to steal a block of flyers from Mike.
	[We'd not seen this guy before. He may have been from the
states and felt he could just ignore 'wog' law. I believe I have his
mug on tape.]
	I have some good video I hope, or at least some good audio.
For sure I have a lot of feet, the backs of Scienos heads and signs
saying I love JT!
	The signing was fairly well attended however there really
wasn't an overflow crowd like in NY or LA.

	I had signs relating to Battlefield Earth and Cult Coffers
Also  'Visit WWW.XENU.NET and think for yourself.'

	Mike Argue, Dave and I did about 150 flyers in the hour we 
were there. Most of that in the first 20 minutes. There were many 
witnesses to the street thug activities of the Co$Hacks.  Hopefully
some of the Media caught the action. The National Post got some
good shots of Mike Argue being face stared and his way constantly
blocked by his assigned drone. Co$ hacks tried to block the shots
much to the annoyance of the press.
	Deep Wog got a lot of good shots.
	There was a total lack of the libel chanted at the Org.
That may be because I had my Video Camera going most or a lot
of the time and the media presence.

	Chapters had a rent a cop, but he was inside.

	We left at about 6 pm.

	I'll send the video to Xenu tv after I have a chance to
edit it.
	Of course the original will be stored safely.

Gregg Hagglund SP7

Toronto and Canadian National Picket Reports now at: 

"It's interesting that Scientologists cannot seem to differentiate
 picketing an organization to voice their opinion on its behavior,
          -----an organization:
picketing individuals for voicing their opinion."

"Give'em hell son." the late M.G.Hagglund

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