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Subject: Picket Report: Toronto, April 15, 2000. THE Harridan and her Horde of Henchmen.
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Pre Picket Report:
Incident On Friday April 14, 2000

My wife Jennifer is a teacher for the Greater Toronto School Board.
At approximately 1:20 pm a female called Jennifer's School and
asked for her by her maiden name. She then asked for Jen by her
married name. Jen came down to the Office and took the call
in front of witnesses. The caller, who refused to identify herself,
claimed to be another teacher, and threatened to have
Jennifer brought before a Committee of Review for Religious
Discrimination. This anonymous coward went on about a
variety of topics, all the facts of which she was hopelessly
misinformed. Jennifer attempted to deal with this harridans
misinformation but in the end to no avail. The caller refused
to identify herself and hung hp after a few minutes.

The threats of course are baseless as Jennifer is a caring
and sensitive ESL teacher with extensive experience
in dealing with often shell shocked refugee and
immigrant children. There are many different cultural and
religious entanglements Jennifer has to keep sorted out.
I find her simply amazing.

The School Board cares not one whit about the legal
activities of the spouses of its professional members.

The caller will of course be subject to disciplinary action
if she is indeed a teacher. If not, then she is guilty of 
impersonation and misrepresentation for the purposes
of intimidation. The caller, however, may have been
simply telling an 'acceptable truth' and may indeed
be a teacher of some unaccredited school of questionable

Jen was very upset and had to take a little time to recover.
Her Principal was most supportive of Jen and angry at this 
kind of harassment of a fine teacher.

[Jennifer is, as the Co$ well knows, a 'miracle survivor'
of a massive brain tumor. Removal of this frontal lobe
tumor was a life saving and risky operation. It took
Jennifer sometime to struggle back to a semblance of
normalcy. However, in order to save her life some
brain matter was destroyed. This left Jen with some
emotional disability and the need for anger management.
This is not uncommon in this kind of operation. 
As the Co$ well knows, as does Jen's superiors and
co-workers, Jen takes Prozac and lives a 99%
normal life.]

Last month we had the Repugnant Mr. Ramsays
little announcement of his intention to steal my
Faiths name and prohibit its use by myself.
Followed by Mr. Ramsays little attempt at
'sand bagging' me for a bit of witness free
confront the morning of the picket.
And then the vicious and reckless excesses
of the Co$Hacks at the picket.
Were they attempting to disturb the peace tumultuously; or
needlessly and without reasonable cause provoke other persons to
disturb the peace tumultuously?

This instant picket is preceded by my fathers death, which of course
is extremely emotionally distressing. So the caring and feeling
Henchwoman or Thuggette, who called Jennifer was doing so for what
purpose? Condolence for our loss?
Then, again  we have the Repugnant Mr. Ramsay hanging about
the parking lot, followed by another morning and some afternoon
displays of excessive and viciously, deliberately provocative
behaviour by the anti- democratic Co$ Horde of Henchmen.

Is there a pattern here?
Were they attempting again to disturb the peace tumultuously; or
needlessly and without reasonable cause provoke other persons to
disturb the peace tumultuously?

Picket Report:
April 15, 2000

THE Harridan and her Horde of Henchmen.

10 AM to 1 PM: Alan Barclay, Ron Sharp, Dave Palter, Gregg Hagglund
2 PM to 5 PM:  Alan Barclay, Ron Sharp, Gregg Hagglund

Flyer Count: Approx. 750, mixed

As usual the Org was *forced* to pay for an off duty police Officer
to secure the peace.

This picket was a virtual replay of last. 
Ramsay waiting for me to show, except I dodged him. Then the morning
consisted of Co$ members swarming myself, dogging, blocking and
interfering with the movement of the other picketers, shouting down
our communications to the public, snatching flyers, and 'fighting
words' provocations. These obstructions to free speech
were gleefully attended to by THE Harridan and her Horde
of Henchmen.

(The Police Officer was less than helpful. But I won't 
embarrass him here with complaints.)

This time  my tape recorder worked perfectly. Including
when Dirty Dan Bryenton and then Andy Hill followed me to the 
parking lot for a little two on one intimidation. The ever alert Ron
Sharp came to my rescue. 
In the end this incident was no big deal. 

The Highlight of the afternoon was the performance of the woman
I shall call THE Harridan. This piece of immoral trash may be
Velcro Kitty. Whether she is the Piddy Kitty or not, she was
hopelessly ignorant about bankruptcies and Trustees
(not bankrupts) who handle financial remunerations of 
creditors, if any. She was also dismally unenlightened
as to civil behaviour, defamation, public decency
and moral conduct.
In short she was THE Harridan.
What was her performance?
Well she once again denied that Xenu was part of OT 3,
so of course I hauled out my copy and  showed it to
her. She denied it again. So I started to read it, very loudly.
She tried to shout me down at first, but halfway thru,
I think at the 'Confederation is a desert' bit, THE Harridan
leapt into action, ripping my copy of OT3 from my hands
and running into the Org. to hide.

Now isn't that *special*?

What is stealing and hiding on the tone scale?

Oh wait! I forgot! Cheating a suppressive person
by stealing their property is ok for a Scientologist
practicing the "We don't call it Fair Game" Policy.

The Officer was about as helpful as rubber crutch.
However that is another matter.

I will admit this was the most difficult picket I have
ever participated in. I did become very angry twice
when THE Harridan and her Horde of Henchmen
began to rag me about my fathers recent death
as well as the circumstances of the death of my 
'foster' mother and close friend Elizabeth Pearse.

	At those moments I simply walked away
from the picket for a few moments.
	(I hope all who ever chose to picket
can try to remember one of the cardinal rules:
never picket angry. Take a few and cool or
come back another day.)

	I must say of all the Co$ shills I have met, both
on ARS or in person , THE Harridan displayed
a verbal moral/mental depravity only matched by Hubbards own
wanton dissipation. This was the same 'potty mouth'
who was admonished in the past, on more than one occasion, 
by better trained Police Officers.

Special Announcement:

	I will not repeat the incredibly defaming
statements and assertions made by THE Harridan
(and her Horde of Henchmen). However, one day
from amongst the hours of vicious verbal attacks, slurs,
innuendoes and defamations, I shall extract the true
'gems' and place them on a website with photos
of the proud forthright and mostly nameless thugs
who uttered them.
	I may even publish and distribute this
on a CD entitled: "Scientologies Worst- Verbal
Viciousness Sanctioned by the Criminal Cult."


We go again on May 13, 2000.

I say again, I do not intend to get sucked into
'Picket Chicken'. C0$ disgusting display again
today repulsed the public and caused more than one
passerby to rebuke the Co$Hacks for their
harassment and interference with our Free Speech.

Gregg Hagglund SP7

Toronto and Canadian National Picket Reports now at: 

"It's interesting that Scientologists cannot seem to differentiate
 picketing an organization to voice their opinion on its behavior,
          -----an organization:
picketing individuals for voicing their opinion."

"Give 'em hell son." the late M.G.Hagglund

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