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Subject: Picket report Salt Lake City 03/25/00
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It was another beautiful day for a picket.

I arrived shortly after 1 pm and saw that Deana had already arrived and was
waiting in her car.  I noticed that the org parking lot was almost empty.

We got our picket signs out and began walking back and forth in front of the
org.  Fortunately, the dog poop from last time had been "handled."

Almost immediately, I saw them start to scurry about inside.  Judy Steed,
the Executive Director, got on the phone at the receptionist's desk and
called someone (presumably Phil).

We picketed for about 20 minutes with no "handling" from the org.  Then Phil
Parke (resident OT8) came slinking out the org with a camera and began
taking our pictures.  I thought this was great fun so I stopped and posed
with my sign.  Then Deana pulled out her camera and began snapping pictures
of Phil.  Phil continued to snap pictures for a few minutes and then he
slinked back into the org.

Deana and I continued our picket.  I noticed a lot more activity in the org
lobby than usual.  At one point there were five people.  Then I noticed Phil
taking pictures of us from inside the org.  He had his camera right up
against the glass.  I thought that was remarkably "non-confront" for an OT8.

Phil:  FLUNK.  You confronted with the window.

We got a good amount of honks, waves, smiles, and thumbs up from passers by.

Toward the end of the picket, a small woman came around the corner of the
org and wanted to know why we were picketing.  I was immediately suspicious
because she bore an uncanny resemblance to Judy Steed, the bOrg ED (sister,
perhaps?).  I asked her if she was related to Judy, and she said "Oh no..
I'm not a member of this church."  We gave her the usual Scientology
tutorial and when the woman left she said "I'll pray for you."

Oh brother.  It's bad enough poor Phil has to come dragging out every
Saturday but now Judy is wasting her sister's time too.

We wrapped the picket up at about 2:15.

Deana summed the whole thing up pretty well when she said, "If OT8 worked
for Phil, why does he still wear glasses?"  I guess Arnie's right... there
are no OTs there.

Sean Ostler
A.K.A.  Anti-Reg, ATS (Actual Trouble Source)

"I got regged one too many times!"

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