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Subject: SF Picket Report, June 3, 2000
Date: Sat, 03 Jun 2000 18:45:03 -0700
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SF Picket Report, June 3, 2000

It was a bright breezy day, pretty good for a picket at the San
Francisco Scientology Org. We were a little late starting because I had
to pick up Jour and I couldn't remember where she lived. My patented "oh
I'll know it when I see it" direction finding technology proved somewhat

Jour had a strained ankle, and spent the entire picket in a chair under
some trees a bit away from the front of Org. So I actually handed out
flyers. I went through a stack of them and came to the conclusion that
saying "Would you like some info?" is much more effective than "Would
you care for a flyer?" I asked most people who went by, though as is my
custom, I left alone those who seemed to be actively avoiding eye
contact. I even went after people I could tell just longed to have a
flyer but whose momentum had carried them out of arms reach. Of course,
Jour sitting over in her chair had people coming over to HER. It must be
those Red Picketing Jammies. I felt pretty spiffy myself, because I was
wearing new stretch chinos and new platform sandals.

I also had more than my usual share of conversations with passersby. A
number of people thanked us for being out there providing information.
There was also a conversation with an older gentleman who seemed to
think that we were picketing Science. This conversation seemed to go on
for some time and I think that no one emerged the wiser from it.

Jeff Quiros came out and took the obligatory photos of us, and there
wasn't any other "handling" from the Org. Phr showed up just as we were
calling it a day, and when we were sitting in our usual cafe, we saw
that the stress test table had been set up after we left.


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