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From: [email protected] (Phil Scott)
Subject: Picket Report SF 3/11/00 sat
Date: 12 Mar 2000 00:00:00 GMT
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SF picket Elons birthday 3/11/00 or whatever.  noon to 2pm

I arrived about 12:10 and began picketing with my sign that has the
wrong URL on it  www.xenu.com  instead of .net... what an idiot, phr
came by later and pointed that out to my great distress.

About 12:15 Jeff Liss came by with two lady friends, this guy has
pull!  He sets up his $500 tripod and then his $2.000 sony digital
movie camera on top, and begins getting shots of me picketing...the
ladies were handing out xenu. fliers.  But had no signs. he says April
! they will have signs.

After a while the camera got tipped accidently to point at the bOrg
and I mentioned to Jeff that they could possibly make some kind of
fuss about that, so he pointed it me and the lady protesters again.
Can anyone post what the liabilities  of not walking on a picket, or
setting a camera up to film the front door of a place for an extended
period are, if any.   Mabye there are none, but somehow it gave me
some concern for what the cult  might try to claim.

We had no handlers, a few newbies came in, I'd say maybe 3 newbies,
downstat looking, a couple listened to what I had to say...I think it
sunk in.  One lady said 'well they are treating ME fine" and I told
her that they do that a the lower level orgs,  and am sure these
people are also good people personally, , but that it gets crazier and
criminal at the top,  and that I recommended she look into that
aspect.  She was paying attention.   She was about 40 and had some
sort of tiny diamond stud in her nose.

The huge trash container outside was full this time, looked worse than
my place.  A lot of old LRH progaganda, mixed with old mags, trash,
old food containers with mold growing in them and assorted junk that
looked like it came from an abandon homeless camp or my place.   The
org inside must have been a mess.  I dug out a few items.

Lemmeee see.  the most revealing.. a  'San Francisco Org Bookstore
Letter'  actually a mailer.

It had at the top an LRH quote:

"Creative and constructive imaginings about the future, are not
untruths, but are postulated new realities"  Elrong.

Now I thought that was spectacular.  I'm going to start using that in
my busness.   "Yes sir, we have 900 employee's, and we can build your
sky scraper in two weeks if you will just give us the 25 million in

Great Idea.  Then buy a one way ticket to Fiji...   no, ... dang,...
phatso already did that.

the mailer listed 'management series volumes 35% off, $340 for all 3
volumes'.  so its apparently fairly recent.  the piece I have was a
scrap from a messed up offset press run.

The other piece, a slick paper mag.   HOTLine with a nice pic of
Hubbard peering at some lense filters for his camera that  is on a
tripod off to one side.  He's in his ball cap with a  seedy hair cut..
the man was not a personal neatness freak.

HOT line, it says, is for 'LRH pro's'   that's professional PR people
insde the cult.

Lead article is 
Creativity and composition.  about photograpic composition and then
clarity of the image.  Its short.

later in the mag is  "How to place and LRH local Boy article"

Definition:  "Local boy, aperson who currently lives in, or has lived
in a specific location"

an 8 step program follows on now to do this.

amazing it does not say directly to lie and present that hubbard was a
'local boy' but directs one to get direction from LRH Pers office... I
guess they find or fabricate  that phatso had flown over the place in
the 40's or something, so that means he was 'there'  then say: 
'  ELrong spent some time in the area in 1942 as he was recovering
from his lobotomy, recieved at the hands of Russian counter
intelligence.... as he had been kidnapped and refused to divulge the
contents of the Excaliber material (later used in founding the worlds
best selling book, Dianetics Modern Science of Mental Health, after
LRH had managed to get a new brain transplant by application of the
Jack Parsons materials, his good friend and mentor.... or whatever
would grab the local folks.).

Spectacular.... 'local interest' is generated.  If the police come
calling, then one says "LRH's offices were visited by representatives
of the Federal, State and local  officials with some eagerness to get
more information on what we are doing in our most recent researches"

One leaves out the part about the warrants and sledge hammers. 

 My kinda guy.  I always loved him for that.

We wrapped up a bit before 2pm. phr and I had lunch at the mexican

One thing though is depressing, with data on how to do a conn.... this
good.... being given to culties, well it's going to take a lot of
public education to blow the smoke away, and innoculate the
public....the stuff in this  HOTline thing is TRICKY.... we need to
get some old copies.  And Log all these tactics.

Its the hidden data line on cult PR.

Best Regards, Phil Scott

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