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SF Picket Report, Saturday March 4, 2000

It was a grey day, but not raining (for a change) as I drove over to San
Francisco for a first-Saturday-of-the-month picket of the SF Scientology
Org. It was a great day for a picket, especially as I found street
parking nearby, and Keith Henson and a new South Bay Suppressive were
already there, signs in hand.

Mr. SBayS had a video camera, and the picket sign he was carrying was
immediately recognizable as a very famous picket sign. The stick was
made of an old pool cue, and had traces of red spray paint on it!
Faithful readers of this forum will remember that Mr. Henson was
carrying it when he was attacked by an overzealous Scientologist who
applied the spray paint in an attempt to efface the message thereupon.

Pretty soon Phil Scott arrived, and Jour too. Phil had new messages on
his picket sign, and Jour had a new flyer carrier, and an improved
yellow strap on her around-the-neck placard, which contrasted nicely
with her red picketing jammies. My, weren't we spiffy! I wore nice
slacks, a silk blouse, wool vest, and cheerful plaid blanket coat. Mr.
Henson wore a plaid shirt, with one button, and for awhile two buttons,
undone at stomach level. I have remarked upon this engaging style in
another picket report.

Well there we were, and it was good to see us. Jeff Quiros, head of the
SF Org must have thought so too, because he came out and took pictures,
and more pictures, and then some more pictures, for at least a half
hour. Mr. SBayS took pictures of Jeff taking pictures, Jour took
pictures of us all, I took a picture of Jour and Keith, and a local SF
radio station DJ came and conducted some mini interviews with a little
camcorder. I would say the event was well-documented.

The usual things occurred, folks passing by offered their opinions of
Scientology. The Scientologists mostly pretended we weren't there. One
bus driver going by opened his window, smiled and shouted, "It's all
engrams!" More people than usual on the passing buses were reading the
signs, probably because it was hard not to notice us with five people

We ran a little longer than usual, until 2:30, and then called it a day.
Everyone else had pressing engagements but Phil and I repaired to the
cafe across the street. He thinks the Orgs stats are up, that there are
more people there than before. I haven't noticed this myself. It seems
about the same number, it changes when they seem to be having some
special event. As in most human concerns, there's probably more activity
in the warmer months of the year. They seem to be slogging along, just
like the rest of us. I haven't seen the stress test table with the
e-meter setup for a long time, and I surely don't miss it. It seems a
bit, uh, unseemly to be doing that out in the street, don't you think?
: )


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