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From: Keith Henson 
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Toronto B.E. Picket: Assaults and Street Thuggery
Date: 29 Apr 2000 22:46:03 GMT
Organization: MindSpring Enterprises
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Gregg  wrote:
> Toronto April 28, 2000.

> B.E. JT Picket from 5 to 6 pm.


> 	Ramsay blocked my way and bumped into me. 
> I tried to get around him. He was shouting he was "going to
> be all over me today Child abuser" I was shouting he was crazy and
> to leave me alone. He then tried to punch me in the stomach, which
> I kind of dodged by turning sideways so the blow skipped off
> my slight paunch. He then poked me in the mouth with his forefinger 
> again shouting that 'He was going to be all over me'
> I then eluded him long enough to get by him and head for the safety 
> of Star Bucks. He caught up with me at the door and we grasped the 
> handle at the same time opening the door. I tried
> to slip thru' and he tried to push the door shut on me.

For this they got *two* pickets this morning, half hour at Mt. View and 
fifteen minutess at Palo Alto.

Very little interaction with the scns at Mt. View.  One older woman 
yelled at me from inside her car, but the window was rolled up and I was 
unable to hear what she s said.

When I got to the Palo Alto org, three org members were busy in the tiny 
flower bed out front.  They tried to ignore me, but I could tell they were 
reading the signs.  They either finished or were ordered inside.

Between the two, Palo Alto is better because there is a light on a major 
street right in front of the org.  Cars stopped for the light have a long 
time to remember  Xenu.net.

With the exceptions of Palo Alto and Los Gatos (actually in San Jose now)
most of the northern California orgs have a membership heavy in Hispanics
or Indians.  These are the last groups without high penetration for the

Keith Henson

PS, we should do more picketing in the south bay.  I have been busy with 
other matters (ones which may have more effect than picketing) but I have 
a break coming up.  Let me know if any locals want to pick a day or two a 
month and picket a rotating list of south bay orgs.  Third Sat might be 
a good choice since it fits in between the SF pickets Kristi anounces.

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