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Subject: Picket Report Munich, 3-4-2000
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Munich Picket Report

Munich, Germany
March 4, 2000
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Location: Leopold Str., with a view of the Org 

Duration : about 1 - 4 p.m. 

Flyers distributed: about 200 

Participants: 4 altogether most frequent reaction: many
passersby expressed their agreement to the operation 

Apparently many residents of Munich are fed up with the
constant, daily recruitment operations by the Scientologists.
Several reported that the people invited in for the orientation
film included younger people. 

Since Scn is not your typical "Youth Sect," the following
questions come up: 

   1.Does this serve to win young people over at an early
age so that they are predisposed to have a sympathetic
attitude toward Scn? 

   2.Is this just about increasing the statistics of the
"Number of People at the Orientation Film?" 

OSA Defense: OSA man Altendorfer (or something like that)
and a female staff member of his each got a flyer. Then
Altendorfer came back, introduced himself as a CoS man and
requested another flyer. 

I refused. Instead I asked him repeatedly what he had done
with the first flyer. "I ate it," he said. Poor guy - if I would
have known that staff wages were so low that the staff could
buy nothing to eat, of course I would have brought along
seasoned flyers for him. No need to be hard-hearted. 

But the OSA man communicated that he wanted to
photograph me, which is certainly legal. However his camera
was on strike. He finally got a picture with a different camera.

In doing so he was photographed by a person, XY, whom I
had been speaking with a while - also legal, since he is a
person of public life. Upon that, he made an effort to snap a
picture of XY. I prevented him, and pointed out that XY was
not a person of public life. The OSA man asserted strongly
and firmly that anybody who took a picture of him was a
person of public life. 

[asked clarification of German law.] 

I gave my opinion that that was not true and the OSA man
gave up - apparently without getting a picture of XY. 

Shortly thereafter 2 foreign Scientologists (Italians?), one with
a golden IAS pin, and continued to take pictures of me. As
near as I could tell, XY was not photographed at that time,



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