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Subject: Picket report:  Mesa, AZ  5/6/00
From: [email protected] (Bruce Pettycrew)
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Kathy and I picketed the house of ill repute operated
by the Co$ in Mesa.... It _must_ be, based on all the
support we get from passing car/foot/bicycle traffic.

We were there from 8:30 to 9:30. During that time 9
cars and 1 bicycle arrived, for a total of 13 people.
Such a thriving religion!  .

There were new "blue stake" paintings on the street and
sidewalk in front of the property.  One of these days
the City of Mesa will actually start the street-widening
project that will crunch off about a yard and a half of
the Co$ property and move the public sidewalk that much
closer to the buildung^H^H^Hing.

Hi Jeff, hope you had a good trip. :-)


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