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Subject: Picket Report:  Mesa, AZ 3/4/00;   AZ Skeptics Society Presentation
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Kathy and I picketed the Mi$$ion this morning for an hour,
starting at just before 9 AM.  There were 6 cars in the parking
lot and one car dropped of a single person just as we arrived. 
That car had the Arizona vanity plate ARCKCR.

The weather was wonderful and traffic was light to medium.  Now that
the days are longer we will again be able to picket during the
weekday rush hours, on occasion.

No handlers were present, so it was a pleasant time of sign exercise
and waving at drivers who honked or gave us a "thumbs up".

Later in the day, I gave an update presentation on the last Clearwater
picket and general Co$/Critic activities to the Phoenix Skeptics Society.
There were 10 people at the luncheon meeting, and I talked and answered
questions for about 90 minutes.

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