Read about pickets, protests, and demonstrations against Scientology from all over the world.

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Pickets of Scientology Organizations, 2000 and earlier

Read reports from pickets of Scientology organizations around the world.

My Scientology Activism

I protest Scientology because I think it's hurting people and breaking the law. Scientology hasn't really done much to me; I speak out because I'm concerned for others.

Pickets in the News

Date Title Blurb Tags
December 13, 1997 Mesa Picket Critics picket in Mesa, Arizona. Notes: Emotional conversation Pickets
December 13, 1997 San Francisco Picket Critics picket in San Francisco, California. Notes: Assorted Reports Pickets
December 6, 1997 Atlanta Picket Wynot pickets in Atlanta. Notes: Wynot's first picket Pickets
December 6, 1997 Boston Picket Critics picket in Boston, Massachusetts. Pickets
December 6, 1997 Melbourne Picket Critics picket in Melbourne. Notes: Lisa McPherson Pickets
December 6, 1997 Stockholm Picket Critics picket in Stockholm. Notes: Foreign OSA goon Pickets
December 5, 1997 Berlin Picket Critics picket in Berlin. Notes: Mini-Demo at US Embassy Pickets
December 5, 1997 Clearwater Picket Critics picket in Clearwater, FL. Notes: Assorted Reports Pickets
December 5, 1997 London Picket Critics picket in London. Notes: Lisa McPherson Pickets
December 5, 1997 Royal Oak Picket Critics picket in Royal Oak, Michigan . Pickets