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From: Keith Henson 
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Subject: Whole of Gold Base HIDES from ONE sp
Date: 31 May 2000 07:29:22 GMT
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Subject Arnie's suggestion.

Last Friday I dictated a picket report from Hemet where the scns had gone
into hiding when I showed up.  After that I went off to a conference
(entirely unrelated to scn). 

I decided I would picket them again on the way back, and in the interest
of catching them off guard didn't announce it on the net. 

So Tue morning bright and early (7am) I drove by the little roadside
memorial to Ashlee Shaner and through their compound.  I figured they had
some warning because the sprinklers were on again--and some had been
turned so they sprayed into the roadway.  I parked at the west end, just a
bunch (15-25?) of construction workers were jumping into their trucks and
leaving.  One asked me what I was doing before I started walking toward
the center of the compound and I told him about the cult and the reason I
was out picketing.  It was not until later that I realized that the reason
the construction workers were leaving was because they had been let off
for the day-- seems likely because I was picketing.  They seemed happy, so
I guess they were given the day off with pay. Thinking about it, I would
guess they had about ten minutes of warning.  I have no idea of how they
got the news I was coming. The timing is such that they must have been
warned about the time I turned off of I-10.  Did they have someone looking
for me there?  Did they have a locator bug on the car?  If they did, the
rental car company mechanics could not find it. 

Anyway, the picket was much like last time, picketing a seemingly deserted
operation.  Only visible scientologists were the two in the guard shack. 
Normally the place swarms with them, walking under the road in two
underpasses and all over.  This time and last there was not even a
gardener visible.  Weird!  Looking closely I could tell that while most
windows had the blinds drawn, a few were papered over. 

While I was there several cars stopped.  One of them had been alerted by
someone in an earlier car and he came with a digital camera.  While we
were on the east end photographing the accident site, one person came out
of the studio.  He saw us and scampered back inside. You might see his
photos posted to a binary group or webbed before I get mine back from
being developed.  Some of the people were interested in picketing and all
were utterly amazed at the lack of activity. 

About two hours into the picket, Ida C. came by with a friend.  Second
time she went through, I stopped her to get a witness to the hiding staff
of Golden Era Productions.  She stayed a few minutes and I promised to
stop by later and leave the sign for other picketers. 

The run-off from the sprinklers was amazing, perhaps 1-200 gpm going down
a storm drain.  The sprinklers were nice because as it warmed up during
the day I was able to walk through them to keep cool. 

Four and a half hours into the picket, at 11:30, I left and went over to
visit Ida.  After a nice cold drink of lemonade and being given some
coffee cake and a brief IRC connection to the net I had to leave for the
airport, but I went back through the cult's compound and gave them another
15 minute coda.  They were still locked down.  I can't help but wonder how
long they stayed that way. 

They might have followed me, but if they did, they must have hired *real*
professionals because I didn't see an sign of being followed. 

It was in some ways the best kind of picket.  Somewhat boring with the
scns staying out of visibility, but I had a fair traffic in visitors and
lots of horn honks and thumbs up. 

I agree with Arnie that there are no OT's (or ot powerz) but I think I
could scientifically *demonstrate* SP powers with a repeatable
experiment,.  Take one SP, a stick and a chunk of cardboard with a few
words on it, postulate a no visible scn situation and *poof* you have it. 
(Sample of 3) It was really non-confront.  They must be feeling guilty to
hide that way because it puts them at -8 on the tone scale.  Of course,
being perhaps liable for the death of a nice young girl will do
that--especially when you are going to be seen as deep pockets

Some people have expressed concern about me picketing alone.  It was not
entirely alone what with people stopping often, and I was expecting a
reporter (who did not show). Just so you folks don't think I am getting
swelled head from shutting down the base, *anybody* with a picket sign
would have resulted in the exact same thing. 

To follow up on another thread, I took another look at the accident site. 
Ashlee's car started turning to avoid the front loader coming into her
lane, but she only managed to move the car over about a foot-- which was
way too little.  The accident report will be out in a week or less now. 
It will be *most* interesting to read. 

My reading of the locals is that they are unhappy with the cult about the
accident.  True it was an accident, but given an unlighted front loader on
a public highway in the dark, and crossing into oncoming traffic the odds
of someone being killed were not small. Also for those who complain about
discussing the subject, I agree it was a tragedy, but I don't think that
should require not discussing it or objecting to the scientologists lying
about it. The local media agrees with me on this point.  If I had to guess
at this point, I would put the Ashlee Shaner tragedy on a par with the Lisa 
McPherson one.  There is going to be a lot of news coming out of Hemet on 
the subject.

Ken Hoden has made statements in the local paper that they cult does not
give direction to its contractors.  They micromanage everything else and
not the contractors?  One has to wonder how many construction workers will
be asked under oath about how much they were directed. 

There will be another picket at Hemet shortly.  Write me if you want

Keith Henson

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