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From: Grady Ward 
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Subject: Keith Henson's first report from Hemet picket
Date: 26 May 2000 13:31:27 -0500
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I got to Hemet about 9:30 this morning a reporter and a photographer 
were there. Sprinkler Tech was in operation. There was a near river 
running down the gutters. The response to my picket was complete
non-confront.  Not a soul in site, except the two guards at the gate.
After 2 passes around the area picketing, I went to the west end, 
and checked out the accident site.  I have photographs that I will 
try to scan and post as soon as possible.  The paint marks on the 
road from the police investigation indicate that Ashley was in her 
lane.  It seems the front loader was going after another load of 
paving material, crossing the highway at a shallow angle.  I suspect 
the bucket blocked the driver's vision.  Those who picket tomorrow 
may want to take more photos or better yet videotape of the accident 
scene.  Feedback that I have heard from inside scientology indicates 
that they think the "Ashley accident" may be more of a problem then 
Lisa McPherson.  They may be right.  

Keith Henson

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