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From: [email protected] (Jens Tingleff)
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Subject: SOURCE disrespected in East Grinstead [picket, 20000408, XENU]
Date: Sat, 08 Apr 2000 22:38:48 +0100
Organization: ARSCC Operation Clean the Planet
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I just returned from a lovely day out in East Grinstead picketing.


   Myself, Bonnie Woods, John Ritson, Roland and The Other Guy


   Our disorganisation let us down this time, with reduced numbers
and a fumble which was only recovered through some fancy footwork on
the part of Bonnie.

Not being handled by OTs. This is usually the highlight of the social
agenda when we go to E.G., with hapless OTs trying to pretend that
they believe that the reason that we're not leaving isn't that their
intention beams are useless.


   The grim-looking lady in the E.G. bookshop locking the door and
trying her death-stare on us. What on earth happened to 'The Door is
Always Open'???

   Being informed by the police that there had been a complaint from
the shop that we were being a nuiscance, making a 'load garbled
noise'. You guessed it, the shop complained about L Ron Hubbard and
his ramblings about Body Thetans and 'The Man on the cross, there was
no Christ.'


We did not have the best start ever, but recovered our spirits when
Bonnie joined us and told about how her work is now going stronger
than ever. Not only is she refrehsed after a much deserved vacation
paid for by the $cientology organisation, she's also very, *very*,
busy doing stuff that will help a lot of victims of the Co$ and
prevent a great many people ever falling into the hands of the
fraud-perpetrating suicide-inducing cult.

We did make an appearance in front of the shop, just to get some
photos, and ended up having a long discussion with a group of kids
who were very disrespectful indeed about the clams and who were sure
to tell their friends about XEMU.

The police arrived (after 35 - 40 minutes), and informed us that the
shop had complained that were making a 'loud garbled noise.' It's
true, we were loud (lovely sound system, back on song) and the
material was hardly a model of reason, but I though it was really
very unkind of the clams to characterise L Ron Hubbard as 'garbled.' 

We finally left for London (having assured a concerned young
gentleman at the pub that we had chosen to leave and had not been
chased away by the police - I don't think the good citizens would
have had any respect for a police-force which did the bidding of the
loony cult) after some more so-so beers and some lovely weather.

All in all, we can and will improve the planning, but the effort was
still very much worth the result (if noly for those kids who giggled
when they read the XENU leaflet).



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