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From: Edmonton Entheta 
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Subject: More enturbulation in Edmonton
Date: Sun, 07 May 2000 20:09:58 -0600
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Last night I met with Betty McCoy, the founder of the Edmonton Society of
Mind Abuse.  Betty's son Mick has been a Scientologist for 26 years
(currently in Toronto), and has not been willing to speak to his Mom and
other family members, and will not allow Betty to see her grandchildren.  In
1976, Betty was sued by the Cult for slander, along with several
ex-Scientologists, including Lorna Lovett, the founder of the Calgary
Scientology mission.  The case was thrown out after 4 years, and the cult
was ordered to pay the victims legal fees, because it was ruled that the
Scientologists were abusing the legal system.  Since that time, Betty has
been doing a wonderfull job of helping people who have left or want to leave
Scientology and other cults.

At the recent picket here in Edmonton, I had a sign (and had my picture in
the paper with  it) that said "Why Won't Mick McCoy Call His Mom?".  Betty
loved it.  

Anyway, Betty and I went to the Community Hall where the Scientologists were
holding their Dianetics Anniversary event and just hung around outside the
building.  Not too much happened, but we had our pictures taken several
times, and exchanged a few words with the local DSA, Deborah Jurt, who is
well aquainted with both myself and Betty McCoy.  Deborah was quite visibly
upset at the sight of us.

To all the Scientologist reading this: No, I am not being paid by the
Edmonton Society Against Mind Abuse, although I support their activities

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