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Subject: Another Edmonton Picket Report
Date: 14 Mar 2000 00:00:00 GMT
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Well, I would say the first ever Scientology Picket in Edmonton went quite
well. I'm going to be fairly brief in my report, as there has already been
a couple of excellent picket reports posted.

The day started with four of us critics meeting at a restaurant down the
street for a brief meeting. As we moved towards the org, a passerby saw
our signs and approached us wanting to know more. Turns out he had gone
into the org a little while before to take a personality test. They told
him to come back later, as they were in a big meeting. He was quite
interested in what we had to say, and he stuck around the picket most of
the day, listening to both sides.

As we approached the org, there was a crowd of people on the sidewalk
awaiting for us.  At first we thought they were all Scientologists, but it
turns out some of them were press, including A-Channel News, and the
Edmonton Sun. There were about five or six Scientologists outside, and
almost all of them had cameras.

Our picket signs included "The Truth is out there - www.xenu.net",
"Remember Lisa", "No Ot's Here", and "Why won't Mick Mcoy call his
mother?". Mick Mcoy, a 20+ year Scientologist is the son of Betty Mcoy of
the Edmonton Society Against Mind Abuse, a long time critic of the cult.
One of the Scientologists said that Mick won't call his mom because she's
a bitch.

One of the Protesters, Reg, was a Scientologist in Edmonton for 20 years.
The Scientologists were speaking freely about things that were in his PC
folder, but Reg was not intimidated.

The Executive Director of the Edmonton Org, Carol-anne, came out briefly a
couple of times, but mostly stayed inside. Debora Jurt, the Director of
Special Affairs came out for a bit to talk to the media, but she too
mostly stayed inside. Two Scientologists, Phil and Andre were outside with
us for the duration of the picked. Rebecca Brownlee and a guy I call
"sleepy" (because on my video tape, he is yawning in almost every shot I
got him in) were outside most of the time. And there was another 3 or 4
Scientologists who were out at various times just taking pictures and not
speaking to anybody.

We started with four picketers at the beginning. Our number grew to about
six or seven, and we were back down to 4 when we decided to call it a day.
We didn't get to pass out many leaflets, as it was a cold Sunday afternoon
on not a very busy street, but the media coverage more than made up for

I've put up some quicktime video clips and pictures at
http://www.geocities.com/edmontonentheta.  I will probably be adding more
to the site in the next few days as well.

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