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From: Doni 
Subject: Picket Report: FCDC March 12, 2000
Date: 12 Mar 2000 00:00:00 GMT
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We got there at approximately 12:00 noon, and spent about 20 minutes
looking for a parking spot. Cher and I met Arnie at the coffee shop, and
we waited for Bunnyann to show up.

Bunnyann showed up and we were ready to picket after talking for a bit.

a little later, Zinj showed up and said he was wanting to picket with
us, and I thought that was great.

Cher and I went across to start picketing, and Arnie and Zinj went to
get some more picket signs.

Just as we started to picket, Sylvia showed up, and said she was
wondering when us stupid people were coming.

Steve from the UK told me to give Sylvia his love, and a message, but I
don't think she was all that thrilled to hear from him.

I told her that Bunnyann gave me her e-meter, and sylvia asked me to
give it to her.  I told her no, because I like it and I want to keep
it.  That perhaps I want to upgrade it to a Mark VII, and asked her if I
could do that.  She said sure, and offered to invite me in to see some
films and proof that scientology does not hurt people, etc.  I declined
and continued to picket.

Bunny finally came across and helped, and a little later, Arnie and Zinj
showed up and started picketing.  that made 5 of us there.

There was some kind of meeting going on in the area, as there were
mayors from all over passing by.  The crowds were heavier than normal.
So we happily passed out flyers to as many people as we could.

Cher sported a new sign she made, saying "Danger Cult Zone" on it, with
the Alien Cult on the back of it.

Arnie was saying there's NO OT's there.

Zinj is a pretty good picketer, as he was passing out flyers rather
regularly to the people passing by.

I brought my camera, but I wasn't taking pictures this time, as I was so
busy passing out flyers.
Sylvia came up to me a few times, and so did Thierry.  I didn't pay much
attention to them, as I was picketing, and was focusing on my job :)

After a while, Cher went to sit down, and she took the camera with her
and got a few shots of us and some of the people there.

Sylvia did come up to me and she tried to question me... but I was
rather busy  passing put flyers and saying to people "I want $cientology
to quit hurting people", and "$cientology hurts people and I want them
to stop", and "Spend thousands of dollars getting rid of dead aliens
stuck to your body" and at times saying  "it's worse than you think".

Sylvia asked me if I was aware that arnie was being investigated, and I
said no.  She said that officials were looking into a crime of his, and
that he was possibly in trouble.  I told her that I wasn't picketing for
arnie, but that I was there picketing for myself, because I do not like
the wrong doings of her cult.

A little while later, she came up to me to let me know that they had
investigated Cher and me, and that she was trying to tell me things
about Cher's past that I already knew.  Then she started to say that I
had a crime, and I told her that if she finds one, that it was "mocked
up", since I have no criminal record.  I laughed and continued to
picket.  Then the subject of picketing my house came up, but I just
laughed it off and said that DA'n our neighborhood and/or picketing the
house would bring no profit to them :)

All I want is for their organization/company/cult to quit hurting

Thierry decided to come up and say that he believed that I had no
crimes, and mumbled something else, but I didn't hear him because I was
busy handing out flyers.

I eventually told them that I was busy, and I would appreciate it if
they would just leave, cause their reason for even talking to me was to
attempt to make me quit picketing, and it wasn't gonna work.

They actually left me alone after that saying "be that way, not wanting
to know the truth and not understanding"

Sylvia later went to Arnie, but I don't think he was paying much
attention to them either, as he was busy picketing and passing out
flyers too :)

At the conclusion, the picket was a very quiet one, and we actually had
a good time.

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