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From: cher 
Subject: Picket Report: 3/11/2000 - fcdc
Date: 11 Mar 2000 00:00:00 GMT
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Merk and I arrived at Starbucks across from fcdc around 12:30pm today.
Arnie was sitting there waiting for us.  Bunnyann showed up next,
followed immediately by zinj.  Merk & I crossed the street to the b0rg
and we were immediately met by Sylvia Stannard.  First thing she said
was, "Arnie posted on ARS there would be multiple pickets this
weekend, so I have been here all day waiting for you stupid people to
get here."  Arnie and zinj went to the car to get more signs for
everyone, and Bunny joined Merk and I.  It had just stopped raining,
so it was a great day for a picket!  

We started handing out flyers right away to anyone who would take one,
telling people how $cientology was a greedy money grubbing cult.  I
had made a sign that was like a traffic warning sign, (yellow, diamond
shaped, with black trim and lettering, "DANGER CULT ZONE" on one side
and the UFO Cult warning sign on the other).  It seemed to be a big
hit with the passing traffic, as it attracted alot of attention, with
people rolling down their windows asking for flyers from their cars.
Merk handed out lots of flyers and talked to lots of people, Arnie did
his ever popular "It's worse than you think" and "NO OTS There" thing,
handing out flyers, zinj pointed out the "space cooties" quite a bit
(he's quite an enthusiastic picketer!)  Bunny handled car traffic,
(she was on that side of the street), and I held up the paper box on
the corner.   Today was the first time I was able to picket without
my wheelchair.  I leaned on the box and my cane, and didn't do much
pacing, but I handed out plenty of flyers.  We kinda spread out on all
the corners since there were 5 of us.  

There was a Mayor's convention in DC this weekend, so we had a few
people come by with "Mayor" tags on their coats.  Naturally, we made a
point to look out for them.  We were not handled much today for some
reason.  Although there were alot of regular staffers there.  Thierry
took my pic 3 times before he got it right, since his OT powerz seemed
not to be working.  Sylvia came up to take my pic also, but it seems
she didn't have her OT powerz either, cause her batteries went dead.
Bunny and I took a few breaks, sitting across from the b0rg drinking
lattes and filming the fun.  The guys hung in there though, didn't
take one break.  We stuck around until course break at 3:30, to see if
they would let the slaves out or keep them penned up.  It was around
3:45 by the time we went to eat dinner down the street and talk over
the days events.  We all said our good-byes around 5-ish with plans to
come back again soon.  


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