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From: Catarina Pamnell 
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Subject: Protest Copenhagen 4 March 2000, SP Boogie
Date: Sun, 05 Mar 2000 09:44:06 GMT
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One thing must be said for the Co$ - if you're looking for
entertainment, they rarely let you down!

With the spring sun smiling down on the streets of Copenhagen, a little
March visit to the AOSH EU seemed like a fun way to spend a few idle
hours on a Saturday afternoon.

We had heard a vague rumour the day before that there was some kind of
exhibition in town. Yes indeed, a large banner over the AOSHEU entrance
announced the 'What is Scientology' exhibition inside. I had visited
that exhibition a few weeks ago in Stockholm, but since Ake had not
seen it then, it seemed like a good idea to check it out.

But first, we took a look around the corner from the org, where there's
a small square in front of a large movie theatre. Those jazzy tunes
blown in our direction by capricious winds, could it be...? Yes! None
other than that fabulous Scientology band, The Jive Aces!
http://jiveaces.scientology.org/   Red suits, but bundled up against
the chilly Danish winds in large tan overcoats.

There were several scientologists around, distributing invitation
tickets to the exhibition. Within seconds, a friendly rather elderly
lady cheerfully offered to take us to see the exhibition. We happily
let her lead the way.

The exhibition was erected in the court yard of the AOSHEU, which
nowadays is covered by a nice glass roof. Me and Ake were delivered
into the hands of a Danish scientologist, who bid us welcome and got us
cups of coffee. Very civil indeed. We started checking out the
exhibits, and I was re-evaluating my plans for the afternoon. I had
considered a small leaflet run, but if they were going to treat us with
courtesy like this, I didn't feel like making any problems for them, at
least not that day. (I'm sure this now just sounds like something I
make up as I write this, but although no scientologist will probably
believe that, it really is what was going through my mind at the time!)

After a few minutes though, Ake was spotted by one of our old
aquaintances in the security guard. The guard asked Ake to step aside,
and I went along too. We were standing in the entrance way, and another
of our security friends came up - he was in civilian dress though this
time, a boring grey sweater instead of the usual flashy gold stripes.
They asked of course what was our purpose of being there, but I think
they did listen to Ake's explanation that he was curious to see *their*
presentation of themselves, and that we were not looking to make any
fuss inside or talk to people. But they had to check with OSA first,
Gaetane (a.k.a. Marlene) Asselin came down and immediately ordered us
out of there. Another SP, Ole, was also thrown out. A fourth member of
our SP company was not recognized by the guards (even though he has
participated in earlier pickets), and did get to see the sights.

Now there wasn't much else to spend our time on than digging out those
fliers and join the scientology distribution team.

After a little while, the Jive Aces stopped playing. Ake was in a
conversation with a scientologist, while I kept moving around the
square handing out fliers. There were a couple of instances of
scientology distributors trying to grab my fliers, or to run some 8C
drills ('controlling a person') which I mostly ignored.

Then we got a new group of handlers - the Jive Aces band members!!
Especially the trombone player, Alex Douglas according to their
website, was very active and quite aggressive. Maybe he has just
completed the Golden Era of Tech New Ethics Specialist Course or
whatever it's called, and wanted a few real live SPs to practice on?
All I can say; 'Swing Kid', is FLUNK! As I told you, if you can think
up even one original question made by you personally, I'd be happy to
converse. But 'who's paying you?', 'what organization do you come
from?', and the standard variations on 'what's your crime?' ('are you
running a child pornography ring?' - I mean, how original is that??)
just don't cut it. Grabbing fliers from my hand or trying physical
control drills are also very old hat around these parts. Yawn. (Aren't
these guys supposed to be powerful OTs or something...?)

There was some kind of incident later between Ake and this guy. I
didn't actually see most of it, but according to Ake the 'Swing Kid'
was trying a confront drill, getting up in his face with a stern look.
But when Ake responded by moving even closer, he dropped some of that
confront. 'Swing Kid' kissed Ake on the cheek, then hit him lightly
over the face. Ake was caught by surprise and hit back - also lightly
but he knocked the guy's hat off. Danish PR Anette half-heartedly tried
to raise some fuss, but thank heavens Denmark isn't the US, and
probably even she understood that there wasn't much to complain about -
 'Swing Kid' had been quite provocative. We took a short break, and
checked up on the other SPs. Ole had been talking to Anette and OSA PR
EU Gaetane. Peter was still inside the exhibition, getting the latest
rundown on evil psychs.

I wanted to get back to flier distribution. One of the scientologists
attached herself to me, which was kind of fun - I kept moving this way
and that, and she followed me like a shadow. Several of the scientology
flier distributors were doing that trick of stealing our fliers out of
the hands of the public. Would be interesting to know whoever got the
bright idea of this 'tech'- what an excellent way to look like complete

The band thankfully went back to playing. They even surprised us with a
really special treat - our very own 'SP Boogie'! :-D

Alas, my meagre supply of fliers - about 150 general/Lisa/Xenu - ran
out. Coffee time. Another old aquaintance, Erik, turned up. He was
asked to join us for coffee, which he accepted. Erik was rather low-key
and pleasant this time. Ole engaged him in a long conversation, and Ake
also joined in. Since those two are Very Bad Guys in the eyes of the
Co$, it's pretty neat to have them around. I could go out on errands,
make phone calls, etc without being disturbed by OSA.

When I made a clean-up round of the area, picking up any of our fliers
littering the streets (I found one), I saw the Jive Aces packing up
their gear. I just could not resist calling to our new friend
the 'Swing Kid': 'Hey, you should stick to playing, you do that much
better than SP handling!'  He snarled back 'and you should kiss my

Those poor little scientologists can be so... sensitive.



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