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From: Louise 
Subject: LRH birthday picket - Canberra org - 13/3/00
Date: 13 Mar 2000 00:00:00 GMT
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Two of us celebrated LRH's birthday by picketing the Canberra org.  We
began our picket at 1.50pm.  We had two signs and four different kinds
of flyers.  I was handing out *$cientology - Insane Cult*, my personal
favourite and one titled *$cientology's founder: Con Man*.  Many
people requested all information available and we pointed many to the
web.  We had the usual community support, some asking us why we were
there and stopping to talk and others congratulating and encouraging

I got a friend to take a photo of us outside the entrance to the org.
Just then Lara (DSA) came by.  She had made four phone calls to my
home last week from her residence, hanging up and not leaving a
message four times between 4.27pm and 4.34pm, on the same day the
Private Investigator also visited me.  I asked her what she was
ringing me about and why, but she refused to acknowledge me, I
continued to question her as she retreated up the stairs to the org,
she then turned around and told me she was about to ring the police
and told me to move on.  I said ~I am in motion~,  but told her that I
had already rang the police about *her* harassment of me and so she
could go ahead if she wished and ring them, I was in a public place.
Anna Detheridge came to the stairs and told me to leave aswell,  I
started to ask about Xenu when they shut the door.  I then got a photo
of me next to the shut door.  Once again the Scientologists are unable
to confront and communicate.

I stood on the corner for a while shouting ~L.Ron Hubbard went to
Venus and almost got run over by a steam train, read about it here~
and ~Find out about Xenu, Scientology's evil galactic warlord here~.
I sounded like a paper crier, and am very loud so we got alot of
attention.  A few people rolled their eyes and said something about
keeping our kooky religion away.  They thought we were
Scientologists!!  HA, now that was a laugh.  Not many though, most
people were intrigued and congratulated us.  

I met a long lost friend outside the org, and he joined in, telling
Lara and Jeanette Lang (who is their lookout, she works in the CD shop
below the org), what a bunch of ugly losers they were, that they were
uneducated stupid people and the like.  It's not my game plan to
insult them, but hey, that was his opinion, and we live in a land of
free speech.  Lara responded by getting out the video recorder, but
she didn't use it for long, I guess she couldn't work it properly.

We ended our picket with a promenade around town with the signs.  Alot
of people approached and asked for more info, and when we were
crossing the road, someone yelled at us from a car for some flyers,
and told me they were a bunch of crooks, and ~Good on you for doing
something about it~, which summed up the general response to the
recent pickets.
Just under an hour after we began we called it another successful day.


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