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From: "Xemu X. Xenu Jr. - Xemu's Briggades" 
Subject: Picket Report Ron's Birthday Buffalo, NY - Very DownStat and
Date: 11 Mar 2000 00:00:00 GMT
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Go figure. ;-)

What a mess. Wood clad over the side window. Most all front and all of the
side windows, one boarded over, are blocked with yellowing kaki colored
paper wrinkled and buckled. Most of the second floor is abandoned while
the third is nearly vacant while the entire top floor is clearly entirely
abandoned. This building is an eyesore and a disgrace to those 'true
believers' that cling inspire of 99.8% all who contact $cientology
recognizing it for the scam that it is.

The weather was chilly March for Upstate New York. Temperature in the high
twenties or just 30. Steady wind from down the street between the
buildings. Nearly froze my fingers numb in my hour of picketing.

Very interesting this time. We met several of the local adherents. A short
stout lady with dark hair came out to 'handle me' at least 5 times. She
was either on the phone frantically waving her arms about or outside
taking pictures of me and my two assistants.

I met a patrol officer when I first arrived. As I pulled my picket sign
out of the trunk and turned to see a squad car slow as it passed I showed
it to him, "$cientology UFO CULT" and he signaled with a thumbs up and
smiled as I pointed to the main entrance a few car lengths ahead of my

All seemed to be going as planned. Someone, the stout older lady with a
perpetual cigarette and camera, came out to 'handle my objection' to
$cientology. Trust me I would have rather had nothing better than for her
to show me that I am wrong and that they have reformed. First she guffaws
me and gives me the usual TR-Lie about the Hubbard Venus Story, Xenu, OTs,
75 million year old Hawaii, the chain locker, rat bastard lawyers, the OJ
Dream Team, and then she spotted my sign's note about LISA. My sign says
'Don't ask why was LISA Killed?" She was beside herself with trying to get
me to ack her jubilant enthusiasm over the press release about the
corner's report. I was following her lead by bring up yet more of the
Hubbard Drek. I asked her case level? She refused. I asked if she had
heard of the implant stations on Mars and Venus? She guffawed. She tried
to TR3 the List Shore story. I asked about the RPF. She broke TR3 and took
the bait. I asked about the abuse of free speech on the internet. She took
the bait. I asked about Hubbard's lies about his war record and his
college degree as a Doctor. She took the bait, but suddenly realized that
she was getting a FLUNK for TR3 she somewhat insisted that I never
answered her question that she asked 'first' and would go no further since
'obviously' I didn't want to listen. I thought "I was" doing a pretty good
job so far.

As she turned to go inside she threatened me with "I know the law and YOU
better not BREAK any LAWS while you are out here." I countered with, "OK
what about Free Speech?"  She said, "I know the laws a whole lot better
than you do and you better not break any laws while you are out here!"

About a minute later a squad car pulls up to be greeted by this stout
woman running out to chatter and point to me. After she had talked for
just a minute the officers come out to invite me over for a chat too. The
start to tell me well it is OK if you picket back and forth but you can
not talk while you are out here. You will have to be quiet or I will have
to arrest you. I asked well, what about free speech? He starts to quote me
the law about disturbances. I won't be causing any disturbances. May I
picket? "Sure" he said, "Go ahead. But keep it down."

Several minutes later another squad car pulls up and stops, (this is the
third so far that I have greeted) and again the stout woman juts over to
the curb to chat. This time only briefly. The officer, an older gentleman,
(perhaps a squad commander) begins to read me the riot act of sorts. Hmm,
I think, what is up with this? I start to listen more carefully. He wants
no trouble from the lady inside as a result of my actions. I agree the
cult is a dangerous thing and I will be careful not to disturb them.

Back and forth I go. Occasionally I would notice a bus load of people
passing and I would signal with my picket chant and waving arms,
"$cientology, Space Alien Cult, UFO SCAM, Check it out!" As I was
constantly being approached from behind and on the sides as I passed by
this camera toting kamikaze HCO Exec Type I had to be on guard not to
accidentally bump her. As I passed I noticed that she was still using the
same insta-matic camera and I called ahead to my assistant, "Hey look
another camera with the eternal film!" She countered back to me with,
"Hey, 35 pictures per roll!" She doesn't realize that I can count and I
counted at least that many times her finger seemed to press the trigger.

As I added the comment that I can count too you know. She said, "You are
not supposed to talk out here. I have to call them back now!" I countered
as I suppose that I shouldn't have with, "Ooooh. I cower and shudder in my
boots at the mighty OTs and their threats." I watched here slither back

Darn if you didn't know it another squad car pulls up out front to be
greeted by the stout one again leaping out to reach the curb first. This
is the fourth squad car I have greeted and the third time she has called
911 to get them out on an emergency basis.

After she has been chatting for just a minute and goes inside the officers
call me over. They take the usual tactical positions, Driver face to face
with me, hand on hip, shotgun officer, behind the vehicle and just off to
the rear. We chat. He starts out with the, "You really can not talk while
you are out here. I ask about Free Speech and he cautions me of all the
exact details of causing a public disturbance and he will take me in if I
insist on causing continued public disturbances. I counter with can you
suggest my limits are silently going about my picket back and forth. Yup
that is all you can do. Ok, OK that is fine. But what about my using my
picket chants. OHhh. Picket Chants are OK. You can not yell into someone's
face. Approach and threaten them or with violence or shout inciteful
responses to them. SO, I say, I can go about out here in kind of a giant
oval back and forth and say my picket chants. I add, OK Watch me I will do
my thing for a minute here, "$cientology, Space Alien Cult! UFO SCAM!
Hubbard Lied! Check it out see www.xenu.net!" I turned and asked hows
that? The both smiled and showed thumbs up. I added what about like this,
as a bus passed, I raised the sign and waved and raised my slogan a notch
or two to counter the din of the diesel engines. The both nodded approval.

As the officers closed the call and started to pull out I approached them
and asked, "My daughter points out that I am constantly feeding this
parking meter that says "2 Hour Parking - Except Sundays" and I ask so are
all these cars here illegally parked if the sign says "Except Sundays" not
like those over a block that say, "Except Saturday and Sunday" and he says
well that is the parking enforcement unit's job. If you see them come by
just pop in a quarter and they should leave you alone he says.

We then chatted a bit about what this protest was all about. The two
officers ended with a note of support, (I think it was a social approval
given to all to keep the peace) and drive off.

As I went back by the main window to signal the end of my picket I noticed
that the stout one was on the phone flaying about again. I smiled a
reassuring smile and pointed to my watch. Waved bye. Signaled that I was
leaving and then proceeded to end the Hubbard Buffalo Birthday street
party. It really was kind of a party. I tried to always greet the officers
in a festive mood and agree to the limitations imposed by the ever present
and pusillanimous pedantic protest prodder called the HCO Exec. Remember,
HCO Bring Order!!

All totaled. Two hours ride to the bOrg implant station, $2 road tolls
(2x), $10 Gas (whew prices are way up [1.62.9]!!), and lunch for my
assistants at a local Chinese food restaurant back home at the close of
our annual Hubborg Birthday protest picket.

I will post the pictures that show the degraded and disgraceful conditions
of the Buffalo bORg implant station when I get time this evening.
Deplorable, desolate! Last year I suggested that the Home Office fire off
a mission to that place to spur on the locals to get things in gear and
get stats back up so that they can afford to clean up the place. But this
year as I approached I nearly went past thinking that old rundown building
is the storage facility one block up. But no it was the bOrg. Decrepit

WOW! DOWNSTAT! Tacky, and seemingly so desperate looking. We drove past at
just 9am and went around the block to locate parking and scope the area
out. I noticed that the staff are somewhat untimely about arrival times as
they all trickled in at various times up to and including just as I was
leaving at a little after 10 am.

Hey Davey, they really need a mercy mission to relieve them of their posts
so they can get their ethics in and bring the building back into code.
What a dump with all of those windows blocked up and nasty looking. Yuck!

I counted about a max of 10 bodies, some staff included, and those were
through very dark and dirty windows or coming out for the usual smoke
breaks. By the by the stout woman doesn't stop smoking in the building
either since she comes and goes with a smoke in tow at all times. All the
bodies except one were in the later stages of lifecycle (like me). One
ratty black haired lady quipped at me that she in all her 33 years in
$cientology had never heard of the abuse or of the Venus or Mars quotes


Xemu X. Xenu Jr.
aka Vernon D. Cain Jr.
www.xenu.net for a clue about how xenu reacts to protesters.

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