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From: Hartley Patterson 
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I have the 'flu. Headache, dizzy, the works. I turned up at the railway
station to find there were no trains - line being repaired. Bus to next
station. Arrived at Birmingham - it was snowing! Fortunately just a
passing cloud, mostly it was sunny.

The Org is in a better location, but invisible to the public on the
second floor. The rent must be high! I found a patch of sun and cleared
my throat with some huckstering.
We went through plenty of leaflets with twelve picketers at work: I'd
brought a pile and Roland had contributed another load. We were
particularly encouraged by the five local picketers who joined us - one
took a turn on the PA system and warned Birmingham about the nasty cult
in her city in fine style.

>  I noticed "Leatherjacket" (I think his name is Mark) hovering
>  around, and he came over and tried to handle myself and Jens
>  for a while.

Boo! How come I never get handled? Well *once* in East Grinstead by an
OT whose superior intellectual ploy of trying to grab my leaflets didn't
work too well, but that's all.

I've never understood the logic of hoax phone calls to the police (see
Dave's picket report). I guess it must be some Tech imposed from
Amerika, and of course Tech applies in all countries. Ron said so.
The problem is that when the police fail to cooperate they become, by
another facet of Tech, enemies and must be attacked.

Once we've got rid of Miscavige and his gang (cough) I'm going to join
up, get up to OT level cheap (sneeze) and then I won't get these nasty
diseases any more. How about it 'Pilot' and 'Safe', will we get reduced
rates based on SP level? 

"I think of my beautiful city in flames"
A medieval spreadsheet, enturbulating entheta, how to outrun
Thread and some riddles preciousss....

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