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Subject: Austin, Texas: Scientology storefront gets picketed
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Warrior had picked me up at the airport, and we decided that it was
too nice an afternoon not to provide Austin's Scientology storefront
a picket. A quick visit to a wonderful little Italian restaurant
(shades of Clearwater!), then a search at the office supply store
for sign material. We made matching signs, saying "Who is Xenu -
www.xenu.net" on one side and "Scientology Lies -
www.scientology-lies.com" on the other.

Response from the culties was almost immediate - but still not as
quick as the honks from passing cars and thumbs-up from passing UT

Does _EVERY_ cult hive have a little, sneering, weaselly looking
guy? He came out in a stained white shirt with a couple small holes
in the side seams and a very small video camera. "May I interview
you?" he asked. 
"Sure," I replied, "You can pretend anything you want." 
"What is your sign about?"
"You know about Xenu, don't you?" I asked. "All the aliens you're
infested with? I know you're in on the gag, aren't you?"
He changed the subject; "Why are you here?" That was what 
I wanted to hear - ever since I read Dave Bird's response to that
question at a picket. "I don't know why," I said. "I just felt like
I was being pulled in to do this." Weaselboy started stammering at
that one - Thanks Dave!

We picketed a little over a half hour, then took a lap around the
block. Sure enough, the culties sent their zombies to follow us. We
decided to split up and see if we could confuse them. I was able to
lose mine easily - then found him again and followed him for a
minute. I let him see me, then lost him again, using a small clump
of students as a shield - those old Vietnam era habits stood in good

I stepped into a food place to get a soda where I could see
Warrior's eco-conscious old Hundai. After about 15 minutes I began
worrying a bit, and around the twentieth minute I was happy to see
Warrior strolling down the street waving his sign like he didn't
care who saw him, and smiling like a being at cause. I just knew he
had a great story to tell.

But he needs to be the one to tell it.

Inside aside; Bob, he didn't even try to wiggle out.

'Til next time;

Scientology: now it is different. Now your abuses will be told and
memorialized forever on the Internet. We have each other and we
will see your criminal element eliminated before we are done.
Grady Ward

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