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Subject: Austin Picket Report - 04/14/00
Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2000 00:33:08 GMT
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Well I didn't do much to start out.  I just stood out in front of the
bldg, in front of Le Fun (a videogame arcade) and just listened to music
on my walkman.

I showed up at 6pm and hung out and listened to music for about an hour
and watched the world go by.  While I was there, I noticed yet another
$cientologist break the law by parking in a NO PARKING zone.  I
considered saying something to him about it, but decided not to.

When it got close to 7pm I got some of my xenu flyers out and started to
hand them out.  I got only one out, but then, I'm down to my last 50 out
of 500 flyers that I had printed off several weeks ago.

Then Ed Davison came out and tried to grab the flyers from me and said,
"You need to leave."  I hung onto the flyers and so we were just
standing there for a few moments playing sort of a tug-o-war with them.

I told him that I was on public property and that I could just stand
there all night.

He said, "You need to leave."

I asked him, "Why?" in response to his question.  He just repeated his
question.  I noticed that he closed his eyes or looked away every time
the words "You need to leave" came from him.

I just kept asking him, "Why?" and I finally got an answer from him.

He said, "Because you're not going to stand out here and hand that stuff
out in front of my church."  I said, "I thought it was L. Ron Hubbard's
church."  He said, "It's our church."  I said, "Well, what if I stand
here in front on Le Fun and hand them out?"  He he said that I needed to
go away or go home or somethine but to not be there.

We stood there for several seconds just having eye contact.  He
eventually stared me down.  I guess my TRs are a bit out.

He was very adamant about me not being there but he seemed to be in
agreement with me handing the flyers out elsewhere.  Which is a most
wonderful idea, I can follow around the div 6 people and make sure that
each person that gets a $cientology flyer also recieves a Xenu flyer.

He also mentioned to me that I have a PTS declare and that I didn't need
to be talking to any public, which I haven't been anyway, and that I
needed to leave.  This was as I was walking, first I turned away from
him, but then I decided to go south, which would make my path be to go
right past the org's front door.  That's where I stopped.

As I was standing there he continued to tell me that I needed to leave
and I continued to ask him why.

Then I said, "I need to sit down," and sat right down there on the
sidewalk right in front of the org.  It was then that he gave up and
went back into the building.

Then I got up and left with my Xenu flyers and my sanity.


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