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Subject: Atlanta picket report, June 3, 2000: More Non-confront
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The Lord Xenu smiled upon us this morning, bringing a beautiful warm
spring day with low humidity for our picket. Even the waitron with
the nasty looking hangover at the breakfast emporium was unable to
make Ethercat and me late for our appointed rounds. 

We had two new signs - I had one that said 'Scientology Lies -
www.scientology-lies.com' on one side, and 'Who is Xenu? find out at
www.xenu.net', while ethercat carried 'What is Scientology? Its a
Bait and Switch Scam', backed with 'Scientology - They sell you a
Bridge, and their logo is a Double-Cross!'.

We were disappointed by the small number of cars at the cult
storefront, particularly for a Saturday morning. There were 9 cars
there to start; one left, and one arrived while we were there.

We brought some Flyer-Paks(R) with us; I wasn't sure why, as there
is seldom any foot traffic there. But this time we were able to hand
out 3 of them!

We picketed from a little before 11:00 until a little past noon, as
we had planned. A bit before noon Linda the OTVII showed up to water
the poor dying marigolds and petunias planted in the obviously
un-prepared ground next to the sidewalk. She and a cadaverous
looking fellow pulled out a quite long and thick hose, and connected
it to a couple sprinklers. As might be expected from OTs, the
sprinklers mostly watered the concrete of the parking lots. But at
least they did not point them at us - we likely would have enjoyed
that, as the day had begun to get quite warm.

At a previous picket Ethercat had promised to bring some information
to Linda concerning Hubbo's hatred of Gays, and the last time we saw
her she had berated us for not bringing it. Well, we had it today,
but Linda refused to accept it. I guess she couldn't confront
reality - again, as you would expect, behaving like a real OT...

We counted 46 acks in just over an hour, ranging from waves and
honks to a man who shouted at me "They really are liars!" and a
woman who rolled down her window to shout "God bless you" to us. We
counted this as a successful picket.

'Til next time;
Wynot (Tony Williams)

    "You have two paths before you.
       One path leads to utter
    destruction. The other path leads
    to total annihilation. We pray you
    have the wisdom to choose well."
          -- Woody Allen

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