Picket, St. Louis Org, July 8, 2006

Date: July 8, 2006

Protestors picketed the Scientology offices in St. Louis, Missouri, on July 8, 2006.

Reports were posted to the alt.religion.scientology newsgroup and the Picket Central at Operation Clambake.

This picket took place in St. Louis, MO, on Sat. July 8 at about 4pm. This was originally posted on Clambake.

Marlys wrote-

Alright, so machwon, messenger, and I headed out to St. Louis on Fri. for a Saturday picket. We arrived at the org at about 4 pm. Not a lot of foot traffic, but good honk support. We had two handlers that were actually quite nice (one offered us bottles of water). One claimed that the Lisa McPherson autopsy pics weren't of Lisa, they were of someone else. They also claimed that the judge and coroner had an anti-Scientology agenda (is this a common Scientology reply to the Lisa tragedy?). Whatever. They also said Xenu didn't exist (although the guy that told us this was still on grades, so he really wouldn't know). It was pretty productive, and we all had a great time. We looked around the shops in the Delmar Loop a bit (I met an awesome hippie!), ate dinner, and went to go see the arch. The arch is kind of like a Vegas hooker...it looks pretty impressive from far away, but it's not so pretty up close.

That's all, kiddos! Viva la picket!

machwon wrote-

I'll be home tomorrow to upload the pictures, but until then I'll fill you in on some details:

Or handlers, Ronnie and Forgot-his-name, approached us roughly about 20 min after we arrived and asked "What's with all this antagonism?" We talked and told him why we were out there. He quickly pointed out the Lisa side of my sign was misleading and all based on lies.

I asked him if it was true that Scientology is compatible with all religions, he said it was. Then i asked about reincarnation and why they say later on Jesus was an implant. "That isn't true." Seriously, they either must not of been that far up the bridge, or lying. In one case, Ronnie, was not clear after being in the church for 11 years.

Shortly after our handlers arrived a man, who we'll call billy-jim-joe-bob because he wished not to have his picture or his name disclosed came to talk to us and thank us. BJJB was interested to talking to our handlers and did a GREAT job of handling them back. He was amazing, he was well educated and well-spoken. After half an hour or so both handlers left, the entheta must have been too much for them. We pretty much let BJJB do most of the talking because he already taken care of one in a matter of 10 mins or so. We added our 2 cents when we felt necessary and soon after he was gone.

We all learned a lot from BJJB for our next set of handlers which i hope we get again very soon. This by far my favorite picket. I loved the kids who wanted a video of us singing happy birthday to their 21 year old friend. We and and the Scientologists inside refused to sing for them and just gave a thumbs up and a "Happy Birthday from your friends at the Church of Scientology" I guess it must be pretty low on the tone scale to sing now-a-days.

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