Is Scientology breaking the law?

Allegations of invasion of privacy by Scientology

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In and Out of Scientology

We were given literature to give to clients that stated that the price rises were to pay the staff decent wages. At the same time the staff were told that the price rises were to create a sinking fund to support international headquarters in case of a collapse of organisations around the planet. Somebody was lying, somebody high up, and since there was evidence that Hubbard was closely controlling things I decided that Hubbard himself was responsible. I was being given 'counselling' in the form of confessionals done on a lie detector, and these confessionals were fishing for every embarrassing deed I'd ever done in my life. The Master-at-Arms warned me that personnel from International headquarters were right then culling files for blackmailable information. Out bombed my participation, my production sagged to zero, and I went into the deepest doubts about the organisation.

Peter Forde



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