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Katie Holmes is an American actress who became involved in Scientology when Tom Cruise began dating her.

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When did Katie Holmes get involved in Scientology? Who is Jessica Rodriguez? Has Katie Holmes signed a "Lisa clause" release?

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November 18, 2006 Love, Scientology-Style Some marital advice Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes could receive today: Never go to bed angry at each other. They may be told that newlywed "girls" expect "frills," and maybe a cat, and young men are prone to "forget" their promises. Katie Holmes, Press, teachings, Tom Cruise
November 14, 2006 National Enquirer: My 36 Hour Scientology Labor was Hell The National Enquirer runs an article by Bonnie Wood as told to Jane Ridley titled, "My 36 hour Scientology labor was hell. Please Katie, don't join this cult" where she describes her ordeal whille practicing the "silent birth" technique. Katie Holmes, Press
November 13, 2006 Read the Scientology Vows Cruise and Holmes Will Exchange at Their Wedding The dreamy Italian wedding supposedly taking place in under a week between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will see the Mission: Impossible star provide the bride with a 'comb' and a 'cat' during their scientologist marriage service. The traditional Scientology ceremony set to take place next weekend (17-19 Nov 06), will see the minister tell the bridegroom, "Now, Tom, girls need clothes and food and tender happiness and frills, a pan, a comb, perhaps a cat. All caprice if you will, but still they need them." Katie Holmes, Press, teachings, Tom Cruise
April 18, 2006 Independent: The Secrets of Scientology Tom Cruise says Katie Holmes is now a fully-fledged follower of L Ron Hubbard. So what is it about the sci-fi writer's 'religion' that exerts such a hold? Sara Lawrence goes undercover to find out. Katie Holmes, Press
April 16, 2006 Baby Cruise's Silent Birth Raises A Lot Of Ruckus Tom Cruise, a longtime Scientologist who introduced Holmes to the faith, is likely to follow Scientology's practice of quiet birth. Followers believe the absence of talk and other noise in the delivery room is more healthful for mother and baby. Katie Holmes, Press, teachings and beliefs, Tom Cruise
April 13, 2006 WebMD: 'Silent Birth' Now a Noisy Controversy The pregnancy of actress Katie Holmes - fiancee of Tom Cruise - has shined the media's spotlight on "silent birth," a childbirth method practiced by supporters of the Church of Scientology. Katie Holmes, Press
November 8, 2005 Star Tom Axes Sis After PR Troubles Tom Cruise has replaced his sister as his publicist after a string of PR disasters. Lee Anne DeVette has been axed following criticism of the Hollywood star's relationship with Katie Holmes, his feud with actress Brooke Shields and his support for Scientology. Cruise will be represented by veteran movie PR Paul Bloch, whose clients include Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone and Anthony Hopkins. Katie Holmes, Press, Tom Cruise
October 10, 2005 How Did Katie Keep Her Secret So Long? Although her conversion to Cruise's religion Scientology means she will not be allowed painkilling drugs and must remain silent throughout the birth, Miss Holmes is said to be 'excited' at the prospect of starting a family with the actor, who has never fathered a child before. Katie Holmes, Press, Tom Cruise
October 9, 2005 Sects Before Marriage Is Wrong, Katie Katie seems so young and vulnerable. I wonder if she is worldly enough to satisfy a man so experienced and powerful. I mean, you can only do so much "nice and sweet" before you have to tell him who's really boss. If this relationship is to have a chance she should start as she means to go on and tell him where he can stick all that rubbish about drug-free labour and silent childbirth. Katie Holmes, Press, silent childbirth, Tom Cruise
October 7, 2005 Katie Facing Cult's 'Silent Birth' Katie Holmes will have to suffer in silence while having Tom Cruise's baby under the weird rules of Scientology. Batman actress Katie, 26, announced she is expecting and is known to be taking lessons in the cult, which fiance Tom follows devotedly. The controversial organisation believes pregnant women must remain silent during childbirth and shun painkilling drugs. Katie Holmes, Press, silent childbirth, Tom Cruise