Is Scientology breaking the law?

Allegations of invasion of privacy by Scientology

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“Miss X” describes two cases of personal information revealed during auditing becoming office gossip

One woman by the name of "Bambi" was getting services at an org in PAC. It came out in session that she was a prostitute ! Now, I shouldn’t even know this kind of personal information. I wasn’t even an auditor at that org. I wasn’t even on Tech or Qual or HCO lines. So, how did I come to find this information out ? From GOSSIP told to me by STAFF at the org! "Bambi" was the talk of the Org. It was common knowledge that she was a prostitute. So much for confidentiality !  

Here’s another betrayal. A woman I knew named "V" was being audited by an auditor named Danielle at CCLA. "V" (who was a public preclear, NOT staff) disclosed personal information in an auditing session about her sex life. It was in the context of having done things that she felt regret over. She was genuinely sorry for some of the things she had done in her past and wanted to unburden her conscience, put her past behind her and make a new start. The next day "V" overheard two public at CCLA discussing the intimate details of her sex life !! The persons discussing the "confidential" confessions IN NO WAY had any possible business discussing it. The breach of TRUST in "V"s case resulted in her never again trusting $cieno auditors.


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