Is Scientology breaking the law?

... There's evidence that they are.

Practicing Medicine Without A License

A federal court ruled in 1971 that Hubbard's medical claims were bogus and that E-meter auditing could no longer be called a scientific treatment.

- Time Magazine, May 6, 1991

Nevertheless, Scientology directives covering the handling of illnesses with auditing techniques appear to still be in use; promises that Scientology will heal physical conditions continue to be made; and materials like Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health continue to be aggressively sold, despite being full of bogus claims about the healing power of Dianetics.

There's a very brief examination of medical claims and instructions in Scientology materials . Also see Jeff Jacobson's page on Medical Claims Within Scientology's Secret Teachings and FactNet's Scientology and Medical Fraud .

Lisa McPherson died in the custody of Scientology in Clearwater, FL. She was treated by a Scientology doctor who was not licensed to practice in Florida. In addition, it appears that Scientology had put Lisa on the Introspection Rundown. Her family is suing Scientology for wrongful death.

Clearwater, FL

Dec 5 1995

New York Times, Dec 1 1997

Kim Baker reports passing out in the sauna while doing the Purification Rundown and quotes Hubbard's claim that niacin rids the body of "sunburn or radiation".

Capetown, South Africa


a.r.s. post Nov 24 '94

The Independent quotes a doctor saying that the Purification Rundown could be fatal, and quotes an ex-Scientologist's statement that at least two children were participants

Saint Hill, England, and CA

1991, 1993

The Independent, Jan 31 1994

An anonymous ex-Scientologist who spent about six months in Scientology as a teenager says his Scientologist registrar told him auditing would help his leg heal faster and told his mother that he would be dead within a year if he didn't receive Scientology treatment

Washington DC


web page dated Apr 6 1995

"Born Again Wog" describes a woman who had gone insane being locked up


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Jun 7 1997


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