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Scientology activities and controversies in Chicago, Illinois.

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November 7, 2005 Spectrum (Buffalo): Letter to the Editor - Scientology Extortion Should Not Be On Campus A student argues that Scientology should not be allowed to recruit at the University of Buffalo campus, noting that the Church directly harasses, attacks, and even uses physical violence against critics. They attempt to prosecute any leaks of information through spurious copyright and media protection lawsuits. Buffalo, NY, Press
January 30, 2005 Buffalo News: Englightenment's Dark Side Because Jeremy Perkins and his mother shared the church's adamant opposition to psychiatry, he didn't take drugs that medical professionals say could have staved off his illness - and saved his mother's life. Buffalo, NY, Press, Scientology and Society
April 6, 2003 Inmates Did Renovation Work At Scientology Church Buffalo's Church of Scientology turned to Erie County prison inmates to help get its new Main Street home ready. Sheriff Patrick M. Gallivan, questioned by The Buffalo News about a government agency providing free labor to a church, removed the prison crew from the building several hours later. Buffalo, NY, Press, Scientology and Society, taxes