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November 16, 1999 Scientology Leader Jailed For Fraud Xavier Delamare, a former regional Scientology leader in south-east France, was given a further 18-month suspended sentence by the Marseille court while four other members accused of fraud, violence and illegally practising medicine were given suspended sentences of six months to a year. The verdict marked the end of a decade-long investigation into the group's activities in Marseille and Nice. Church officials were accused by former members of selling bogus "purification" treatments costing between pounds 1,200 and pounds 15,000 but consisting mainly of sessions in the sauna, jogging and vitamin pills. fraud, Marseilles, Press
November 15, 1999 Reuters: French ex-Scientology leader guilty of fraud A French court sentenced a former regional leader of the Church of Scientology to jail for fraud in connection with courses offered by the organisation. crimes, France, Marseilles, Press