Is Scientology breaking the law?

Allegations of assault by Scientology

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Joyce Stephenson's Affidavit:


12021 Valleyheart Drive #202
Studio City, California 91604

August 30, 1989

Here is a brief statement of some of my personal experiences with Scientology. I was involved with Scientology for close to 20 years part of this time was spent as a staff member. I can honestly say that being a staff member was the worst experience of my life - long hours, low pay, severe punishment for minor infractions such as being thrown into the lake at St. Hill, England, for auditing errors. I finally resigned in 1983 after finding out about Ron Hubbard mainly from former members who were close to him and now were telling the real story. My experiences, in comparison, were nothing compared to some of the horror stories I heard.

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