False Imprisonment - Michael Pattinson

Date: June 1, 1996

Allegations of illegal imprisonment and extortion by Scientology

Excerpted from Michael Pattinson's Sworn Statement.

Emphasis and commentary added.

Michael Pattinson's sworn statement reports extortion

I strongly feel that it is my civic duty to bring to the attention of the competent authorities of the United States and other concerned countries a matter of severe abuses and destructive activities by the "Church" of Scientology. I am at their disposition for more information on all of this.

I was, until earlier this year, one of Scientology's "celebrities". I am a professional artist, having a 25 year career internationally with over 99% sales. I was in Scientology for 23 years, did very many courses, and reached the highest available level of "New O.T.8." My knowledge of the inner workings of Scientology is extensive. I have information about the many instances of abuses of current and former Scientology members and of lies Scientology has generated about itself to give a wrong public impression.

Among the many things I can relate, here are just a few from recent times:

2) In June of 1996 I was held against my will in the Scientology, Clearwater, Florida facility and "ordered" to pay $7,400 before they would let me out of the room. I did not want to pay for what the two staff members insisted I must have, and what ensued was a verbal battle, emotional trauma and an attempt at financial extortion. After a time I managed to escape the physical detention, but two "Sea Org" members chased me right out into the streets of Clearwater to try to recapture me. I did not pay the money. This incident is on file with the Clearwater Police Department.

3) In June of 1991 I was forced to pay, despite vehement protestations, the sum of $7,400 to Scientology on the "Freewinds" ship. The ruse used on that Wednesday was that if I did not pay then they would withhold my passport from me until I did pay. They did so and I had to pay the money to get it back.

I declare under penalty of perjury under California Laws that the above is true and correct per my own personal experiences.

20 September 1997 Sea Beach California

signed - Michael P Pattinson

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