Scientology and False Imprisonment

Is Scientology breaking the law?<

... There's evidence that they are.

Illegal imprisonment (false imprisonment)

Two Scientology programs< call for false imprisonment - the Introspection Rundown, applied to Scientologists deemed to have had a psychotic break, and the RPF, Scientology's labor camps.

Michael Pattinson's notarized statement< describes being held against his will in Clearwater and on the "Freewinds" ship in attempts to extort money from him. In May 1998 he filed a suit against Scientology.

Clearwater, FL

June 1996

notarized statement of Sep 20 1997<

The Independent discusses " baby-watching< " - tending to Scientologists who are kept isolated in a locked room. It describes four cases - three in England (1991and 1993) and one in California (no date), plus "several" people, both prisoners and guards, receiving psychiatric care to deal with the resulting trauma.

England and California<

1991 & 1993

The Independent, Jan 31 1994<

Janice Hayward's court document< describes her attempts to obtain a promised refund, including an attempt to forcibly confine her to the Scientology org against her will. (Dec 1992)

Phoenix, AZ

Dec 21, 1992

undated court document<

Roxanne Friend's sworn court declaration< states she was forced to participate in auditing that she didn't want and was prevented from calling the police. Finally, she was kidnapped, drugged, and held against her will.

Clearwater, FL

Dec 1989; 1990?

sworn declaration< , Dec 6 1991

An anonymous Australian citizen's police report< describes being imprisoned under the Introspection Rundown for more than three months (1994)


Sep-Dec 1994

a.r.s. post, Sep 9 1997<

Dee Rowe< says that she and her husband were held against their will at a "management seminar" in Glendale, California, which turned out to be a Scientology front

Southern California<

Nov 1990

Cherokee County Herald, Dec 12, 1990< and Time, May 6 1991<

Marianne Coenan< was confined in a boarded-up room by her husband and parents, Scientologists, who appeared to be using the Introspection Rundown on her

Pomona, CA<

Jan 5, 1990

LA Times, Jan 13, 1990<

Bob Geary and his wife Dorothy< state that she required hospitalization after being held captive for more than two weeks in California after becoming involved with Sterling Management, a Scientology front group

San Francisco, CA<

Fall, 1988

Akron Beacon Journal, Jan 21, 1990< and Time, May 6 1991<

Moira Hutchinson< describes her three assignments to the RPF and her escape from a train after she was kidnapped.


no date - late 80s?

web page dated Jan 1997<

Dennis Erlich< describes being sent to the RPF's RPF in Clearwater and seeing a woman, Lynn Froyland, chained in a small back room. Dennis himself was placed in a 7 x 7 chicken-wire cell.

Clearwater, FL


a.r.s. post, Aug 25 1994<

Stacy Young's sworn declaration< describes security guards imprisoning members of the RPF in Hemet, CA, along with brutal interrogation technique

Hemet, CA<

1975 - 1989

sworn declaration, 1994<

Birgitta Dagnell< describes being imprisoned on the RPF in Denmark, including freezing conditions and inhumane food supplies; she states that there were 82 people in the RPF when she was there



a.r.s. post, Aug 18 1997<

Peter Forde< mentions sleep deprivation on the RPF and quotes policy allowing a MAXIMUM of 6 hours sleep per night. (1983)



undated web page<

Hana Whitfield< describes in detail her lengthy imprisonment in the RPF. She also mentions Lynn Froyland (see Dennis Erlich< , above)

Clearwater, FL

1978 - 1982

web page dated Aug 8 1989<

Margery Wakefield's affidavit< describes being imprisoned in the RPF in Clearwater, FL and being kept under guard for three weeks in Long Beach, CA and Clearwater, FL

Long Beach, CA; Clearwater, FL


affidavit dated Apr 13 1990<

Annie Rosenblum's declaration< describes closed doors, guards, and constant surveillance, even when going to the bathroom, while on the RPF. She says there were 130-150 people in the RPF when she was there. (1978)

Clearwater, FL


web page dated Apr 10 1995<

Zane Thomas< reports people being locked up at the bottom of an elevator shaft. (no date)

no location

no date

web page dated Jul 5 1995<

"Art Student"< describes being locked up after refusing to sever all ties with his family (no date)

Los Angeles, CA<

no date

a.r.s. post, Jan 26 1998<

Gerry Armstrong< describes his own experience on the RPF's RPF, and states, "I have seen people picked up bodily by four big men and taken to the RPF kicking, struggling and screaming in protest.... I have seen many people held and guarded." (no date)

Clearwater, FL

no date

a.r.s. post, Sep 25 1997<

Robert Vaughn Young< states that he was on the RPF for 16 months and was also assigned to the RPF's RPF. He says he met a 12-year-old child who had been assigned to the RPF. He quotes Scientology policy, demonstrating that it is not a voluntary program (no date)

Los Angeles?

no date

a.r.s. post, Sep 24 1997<

Three people describe imprisonment in the chain lockers at sea< , including children. (not all dated; one reference to 1968)

at sea


undated web page<

"Miss X"< describes three incidents of false imprisonment (no date, from posts to alt.religion.scientology dated Oct 1996; one incident has since been largely verified by "A")

Los Angeles<

no date

a.r.s. post, Oct 29 1996<

a wrongful death lawsuit being pursued by Lisa McPherson< 's family states that she was held against her will

Clearwater FL

Nov - Dec 1995

filed complaint dated Nov 1997<

"Born Again Wog"< describes a woman who had gone insane being locked up

(no location)

no date - very old

a.r.s. post Jun 7 1997<

Frank Notaro< says he was assaulted and illegally detained when he picketed to get a refund (Los Angeles, Oct 5 1985, a.r.s. post Jun 28 1998)

Los Angeles<

Oct 5 1985

a.r.s. post, Jun 28 1998<

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