Is Scientology breaking the law?

Allegations of assault and invasion of privacy by Scientology

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Gerry Armstrong describes harassment, including assault, by Scientology private investigators

Scientology had PIs stake out our home, follow us and generally terrify us around the clock for about a month period in 1982, until a LA Superior Court judge let them know they better knock it off.

I picked up surveillance outside my home in Costa Mesa, California sometime in or around May, 1982. In August I was able to detain a PI by putting my leg under his car wheel and having Jocelyn call the local police. I was able to get this person’s name through the police, although I don’t have it with me at this time. Greg something, I believe.

Later in August I again spotted surveillance across the highway from my home; a guy with binoculars in a car. I slipped out of my home with a camera, without the guy knowing. I approached him, taking his photo as I moved toward him. He moved toward me and pushed me around with his hands, striking my chest. I yelled assault, told him to take his hands off me, waved at passing traffic, and yelled to Jocelyn, not knowing if she could hear me. The guy then began pushing me around with his body. I figured he wanted to maneuver me behind nearby buildings out of sight of passers-by, where he could take care of me. I can’t help being unlarge, unintimidating and unable to beat on much bigger bullies. Thankfully Jocelyn rolled up in our car, and the guy took off.

On another occasion, also in August, 1982, another one of the PIs was following Jocelyn and me during our lunch break from our work. We both were very weary and distraught from the 24 hr a day following and spying on us. I stopped and got out of our car and approached his vehicle. He swung toward me and smacked my elbow with the side of his car.

The same guy later got right in front of us on the highway and slammed on his brakes. We had an old Datsun 510, in not very good condition. A first car after the Sea Org; which other SO escapees would understand. So the incident was pretty terrifying.

We went past the guy; then he came along side and crossed into our lane as if to force us off the highway. I think we all were very fortunate that no crash occurred, because this guy was doing things which were reckless and criminal.

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