Is Scientology breaking the law?

Allegations of assault and invasion of privacy by Scientology

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Gerry Armstrong’s court filing, appealing the ruling in his settlement with Scientology, states that his privacy was violated and he was assaulted

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Scn also hired individuals who followed and surveilled GA, assaulted him, struck him bodily with a car, and attempted to involve him in a freeway accident. The same individuals spied in GA’s windows, created disturbances and upset his neighbors. (CT 5973,4; SS 1A, CT 8412) GA filed a cross-complaint against Scn for, inter alia, fraud and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Following the 1984 decision and until the 1986 settlement Scn continued its fair game attacks on GA which included at least these acts: attempted entrapment; illegal videotaping; filing false criminal charges against him with the Los Angeles District Attorney; filing false criminal charges against him with the Boston office of the FBI; filing false declarations to bring contempt of court proceedings against him on three occasions; obtaining perjured affidavits from English private investigators who had harassed him in London, England in 1984, accusing him of distributing "sealed" documents; international dissemination of Scientology publications falsely accusing him of, inter alia, crimes, including crimes against humanity; culling and disseminating information from his supposedly confidential auditing or psychotherapy file. (SS 1A, CT 8413-8; GA Declaration, 3/16/92, CT 6910-1; GA Declaration, 9/15/95, CT 5897-9; LAPD Officer Rodriguez letter re eavesdropping, 11/7/84, CT 6941; LAPD Chief Gates Announcement, 4/23/85, CT 6942; LA DA letter, 4/25/86, CT 6943-55; "Freedom," 1985, CT 7060-71; Scn Directive, 9/20/84, CT 7119,20); GA Declaration, 11/1/86, CT 6411-47. Scn calls falsehoods used to destroy reputation or public belief in a person, "black propaganda," or "black PR." (SS 1A, CT 8413; Scn policies 11/21/72 and 11/5/71, CT 7376-87) Scn also calls black PR "dead agent," and documents used for black PR purposes "dead agent documents" or "DA docs." See also Scn’s Request for Judicial Notice, GA Declaration, 2/22/94, (CT 5580-93; GA Declaration, 2/20/94, CT 5624-39; SS 1A)

GA’s attorney Michael Flynn was the target of Scientology’s fair game from 1979 through the time of the signing of the settlement agreements. Fair game acts against Flynn included infiltrating his office, paying known criminals to testify falsely against him, suing him and his office some fifteen times, framing him with the forgery of a $2,000,000 check, and an international black PR campaign. (SS 1B, CT 8418-20; GA Declaration, 9/9/95, CT 8245; CT 6125; GA Declaration, 1/13/94, CT 6967,8; "Juggernaut" Intelligence Eval, 9/13/81, CT 6310-6324; Jonathan Atack Declaration, 4/9/95, CT 7964; Settlement Agreement between Flynn and clients 6938,9 (signed version at CT 5483); CT 5899,900).

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