John Travolta and Scientology

John Travolta is one of Scientology's most famous celebrities. Scientology actively recruits celebrities to promote Scientology to the public at large.

John Travolta - Involvement in Scientology

According to the Scientology Celebrities FAQ, Travolta joined Scientology in 1975. He has long been comfortable talking about Scientology in public, especially on Oprah. He appears a handful of times in Scientology completion lists, and he has been featured on the cover of Celebrity magazine several times. The Scientology Celebrities FAQ states that he has reached the level of Scientology level OT V (Operating Thetan 5).

Travolta Promotes Scientology

John credits Scientology with reviving his career, keeping him off drugs, and helping him in every area of his life, from his marriage to learning to fly; he's promoted Scientology in Good Housekeeping and on Oprah, and on the Blockbuster awards, as well as in Scientology press releases and Scientology advertisements and on the Scientology web site.

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