Michael Flynn, Clearwater Police Lt. Emmons, Laurel Sullivan. Emmons, financial, organization., Ms. Sullivan, Public Relations R

Date: January 26, 1984
Michael Flynn sends Clearwater Police Lt. Emmons a proffer of probable testimony by Laurel Sullivan. Emmons reviewed the proffer and found it to be extremely important testimony regarding the total financial, fraudulent overview of the Scientology organization. Ms. Sullivan was the top Public Relations Representative in Scientology and worked directly for L. Ron Hubbard for many years. Emmons gives a copy of the proffer to Marie King of the Pinellas State Attorney's Office for her review. He tells Ms. King of the extreme importance of Sullivan's testimony. Ms. King says she has to check with her boss about offering immunity to Sullivan for her testimony. After several days, Emmons asks King whether a decision had been made on Sullivan's immunity; King says it has not, and Emmons asks for a decision as soon as possible. Several days later, a decision still has not been made - but the Ontario police do extend immunity to Sullivan for her testimony in the criminal investigation in Canada.
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