Mission Holders' Conference, San Francisco, country. Some Scientologists

Date: October 17, 1982
The infamous Mission Holders' Conference is held in San Francisco, attended by owners of Scientology franchises from all over the country. Some Scientologists are declared [expelled] on the spot, without the procedure (a Comm Ev) required by Scientology policy - one was declared for refusing to move to a different seat. Mission holders are given extremely high quotas for sending new recruits to orgs every week. They are told that missions of enforcement-officer Scientologists will be sent to their franchises and that they will have to pay $15,000 a day to cover the cost. They are required to write up extensive lists of their sins and threatened with prosecution and jail time. "We weren't allowed to move, go to the bathroom, or speak unless spoken to," recalled Bent Corydon. "There were only 15 of them and there were 100 of us. If we had gone for them, there was no way they could have controlled us. But we were terrorised. Right at the beginning, three mission holders were randomly picked out and expelled right there and then, their lives finished."
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