Scientology - Major Criminal Convictions

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Italy: Criminal Association

A Milan appeal court has sentenced 29 members of the Church of Scientology to between nine and 20 months' jail for criminal association, the Corriere della Serra reported Saturday.


France: Fraud and Murder

A Lyon court convicted 14 Scientologists of fraud. The former head of the Lyon Scientology organization was found guilty of manslaughter in the alleged suicide of Patrice Vic.

France: Interfering with a Witness

Three Scientologists were given suspended prison sentences for interfering with an expert witness in a Lyon trial. Charges of theft were proven.


Canada: Libel

The Supreme Court orders Scientology to make the largest libel payment in Canadian history for defaming lawyer Casey Hill.


United States: Frivolous Lawsuit

RTC (a Scientology corporation) fined $17,775 for filing a frivolous lawsuit. (Using the law to harass critics is Scientology policy.)


Canada: Espionage

"In 1992, the Toronto branch was fined $250,000 for its role in espionage operations in the 1970s against the Ontario Attorney-General's Ministry, the Ontario Provincial Police and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. This criminal conviction of a church -- a rarity in legal history -- was upheld [in 1996] by the Ontario Court of Appeal."

- The Globe and Mail


Spain: Fraud

Scientology executive Heber Jentzsch arrested for fraud. Scientology posts $1,000,000 bail to free him. Jentzsch's trial is slated to begin in June 1999.


United States: Breaking and Entering, Stealing Government Documents

Mary Sue Hubbard and 11 other Scientologists convicted of breaking and entering, and stealing US government documents. [source: Washington Post, January 8, 1983]


France: Fraud

L. Ron Hubbard found guilty of fraud, in absentia.

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