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Child Neglect

In Scientology, children are considered to be small adults, not dependents with special needs. Scientology policy dictates that staff members may spend no more than one hour a day with their children, and then only if they have had a productive week.

Adeline Dodd-Bova describes her time as a teacher in Scientology schools and writes of troubling cases of insufficient sleep and children having little or no food. Even more disturbing is her description of children whose sexual and physical abuse were not reported to Social Services.


Feb 1991

Sep 1991

Stacy Young’s sworn declaration describes children being kept in camps away from their parents


1975 - 1989

sworn declaration, March '94

The St. Petersburg Times ' story on children in Scientology describes bug-infested, crowded quarters and severely limited family time

Clearwater, FL

1983 for one case

Nov 10-11, 1991

"Miss X" quotes from a 1981 internal Scientology evaluation into the sorry state of child care within Scientology, which indicates that criminals and perverts were often put in charge of the children's organization

Los Angeles?


a.r.s. Sep 17 1996

Annie Rosenblum’s declaration states that parents on the RPF were only permitted to see their children one hour a week, plus mealtimes, and then only if their "stats" were up. (1978)

Clearwater FL


declaration, webbed Apr 10 1995

"Warrior" describes horrendous conditions for children at the Cadet Org

Los Angeles


a.r.s. May 23 1997

Yolanda Howell says that children in the Cadet Org were kept filthy, not fed properly, and left unsupervised. She cites incidents of a 14-year-old prostituting herself, a 12-year-old declared suppressive and turned out on the street, and a herpes epidemic in the Cadet Org.

Los Angeles

unknown; probably pre-1978

web page, Nov 14 94

an anonymous person describes working in an Applied Scholastics school and says that the "Scientology kids were hungry, dirty, scabies, "pathetic", inadequate clothing, etc. HRS ((Health and Rehabilitative Services, an agency looking for neglected children)) had checked into some of the children."



a.r.s. Jun 15 1995


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