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Allegations of assault by Scientology

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Birgitta Dagnell describes being imprisoned and mistreated in Denmark

Date: Mon, 18 Aug 1997 00:17:37 +0200
From: Birgitta Dagnell <[email protected]>
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: My story right here ...

One night all of us were yelled at by the missionaries. After the yelling one of them asked if we had any questions. I had a question and stretched my hand. As they thought it to be very impudent of me having a question, they should make an example and ordered me to come forward. I was put onto an chair and faced the other 80 people. They told the others to look at me as the real suppressive personality. The three missionares yelled at me and derided me for two hours in front of the others. Finally my comrades was told to go and I was alone with them. I was sitting on the chair for three hours with them yelling at me, telling me that I had never done anything good in my life. Mike Sutter worked up such an anger that he spit into my face, threw chairs around and threw a table so it hit my stomach. Mike told me I should be expelled from scoientology for ever. There was nothing in life I was so afraid of as to listen to those words. I remember I was thinking "expelled, but I’m still alive". After those three hours, I started to cry and told them that I always had been trying to do alright and that I had been following LRH policies all the time on staff.

That became the turning point. I was told that this setup was a test to see if I could keep my position. Now I was their first product! And I was their star! I should become the first officer in the new Department of Special Affairs! I felt very happy and very, very strong as I wasn’t broken.


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