Is Scientology breaking the law?

Allegations of invasion of privacy by Scientology

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Ariane Jackson on the guarantees of high-quality auditing at Flag

I received approximately 200 hours of Sec Checks, on the e-meter, which I paid for. The questions asked are designed to find ANYTHING embarassing or unethical. The auditor doing the Sec Check is ordered to get ALL the details. Questions on sexual activity will include asking what position was used, what EXACTLY was done, was oral sex performed, was sodomy performed, how deeply was the penis inserted, did the man use his fingers, how long did it last, etc., etc. It is not uncommon for a great deal of time to be spent on just ONE sexual experience. Subjects include sex, children, money, Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, organizations, Scientologists. I was asked if I had ever had a critical thought about Hubbard, had I ever had a destructive intention towards him or Scientology. There is NO part of my life I was not questioned on in great depth.

Ariane Jackson,

October ’96.




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